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No suspicion of foul play in death of Salti sisters — PSD

By JT - Nov 09,2015 - Last updated at Nov 09,2015

AMMAN — Investigators have concluded that there is no suspicion of foul play in the deaths of Soraya and Jumana Salti who fell off the roof of an under-construction building in the Jweideh area on Friday, the Public Security Department (PSD) said Sunday. 

A PSD media centre statement said that a preliminary investigation committee reached that conclusion after examining the evidence and witness testimonies.

Evidence included a letter addressed to their parents, with the handwriting identified as belonging to one of the sisters, the statement said.

The forensic medicine report said the cause of death was severe multiple trauma consistent with the incidence of falling from a great height and crashing onto a solid surface.

No previous injuries unrelated to the cause of death were detected, according to the PSD.

An eyewitness, the guard of a nearby building who reported the incident to the authorities, said he heard the sound of something hitting the ground, and — upon inspecting the area — saw the bodies of the two women.

The witness said he did not see another person in the vicinity or leaving the area in southeast Amman, according to the PSD statement.

Another witness, a woman who resides in an apartment opposite the under-construction building, said she saw a vehicle that stopped near the building, and a woman stepping out hurriedly.

The woman, the witness said according to the PSD, “looked nervous” while entering the under-construction building. She was followed by another woman who was also in a hurry.

The witness added that she did not see anyone else in the area. After a while, she saw PSD personnel and learned that the two women fell, the statement said.

The collected evidence, witness statements, and the crime lab and forensic reports will be referred to the south Amman prosecutor general, who will follow through with the necessary legal measures in the case, the PSD statement said.       

Aged 45 and 37, the Saltis, who have Jordanian and US nationalities, were successful businesswomen and from a prominent Jordanian family. 

Soraya, who used to serve as the regional director of Injaz Al Arab, was named among Arabian Business’ Top 100 Most Powerful Arab Women in 2013.

Jumana, who used to play for the national basketball team, was a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the UAE. 

The US embassy in Amman on Sunday mourned their death, describing them as “important members of the Jordanian and American communities”. 

“We are in touch with Soraya and Jumana’s family, and our sympathy is with the Salti family at this difficult time.  We are cooperating with the Jordanian police’s full investigation of this matter,” a spokesperson from the embassy said in a statement.

Over the past two days, friends and acquaintances of the sisters expressed shock over the news and paid tribute to their achievements.

“Soraya was one of the kindest and most soft-hearted [people] I have ever worked with. A true angel, a hard worker and sincere... I wrote her the longest recommendation letter in my entire professional life. She used to help everyone. Her absence is unbearable. May she rest in peace,” Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority Deputy Chief Commissioner Yusuf Mansur wrote on his Facebook page.

Former deputy prime minister Marwan Muasher also mourned the death of the sisters, saying they were “an example of vitality, love of life and enthusiasm”.

“I was the basketball coach of Jumana when she was eight. I pray to God to give their parents patience and fortitude,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Former ICT minister Marwan Juma said Soraya was “vibrant, inspiring, positive, energetic and full of life”.


In a Facebook post, he wrote: “… This is how Soraya should be remembered and how her memory should be honoured! May yours and Jumana’s beautiful souls rest in eternal peace!”

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It's a crap I dont believe it

since when are we so efficient and in such a short time conclude the case!!?? More investigations should be conducted and the truth should come out! something fishy !

I honestly refuse to believe that this was a double homicide. These women loved what they did. They loved playing a part in society and remind humble despite it. They were beautiful, intelligent women. Successful and known to be very happy women. I don't believe this at all. I think some officials know the truth. I think they are fighting to keep the truth hidden. May the real and whole truth come to light soon. May these wonderful women rest in peace.

I do agree with the comments above. The suicide case does not apply here, it is very unlikely (almost impossible) that two famous, businesswomen sisters commit suicide together !! The whole community is refusing that idea especially the people who knew them, they were full of life and energy, giving and loving !! And as Jill said in his comment above, where is the vehicle? were they dragged there? I think someone made them go there, tricked them, then pushed them from the roof.. The government should conduct an intensive investigation and reveal the truth to the people. It is becoming unsafe for businessmen and famous people to live in Jordan, especially the successful ones !! we hear about drug dealers, killings like the father who killed his daughter, and the officer who killed Americans and Jordanians and that is scary. This may encourage others to do the same !! that of course in addition to other crimes people are committing because they are hungry and need to eat as Jordan is one of the most expensive countries in the world.. the regular income is so silly and barely enough for some poeple to pay for accommodation.. Food, transportation, and bills are expensive too and the government is not helping much !! give people some benefits and help them live; otherwise they will also commit suicides or crimes because life to most of them is becoming more difficult to handle and manage. Reveal the truth because people are not stupid ... they are more educated and they learned all the tricks that others do !! We don't really want the (Arab Spring) to take place in Jordan !! that would be a disaster !! so please save Jordan and care more !!

How come the guard or anyone else not heard someone shouting while falling from height ? They were dead when they fell i.e thrown down
They are hiding the facts to cool the community where in fact they should reveal the truth and this will help them find more suspects.

This is complete and utter bullshit. This was not a double suicide this is a murder case. The guard obviously would not see anyone else since he stayed downstairs with the bodies and called the police. The police and the US embassy need to do right by the Salti sisters, this is ridiculous.

If both women drove together to the site and stepped out of the vehicle, and both women committed suicide, then the vehicle would still be there. Where is the vehicle? If there was a driver, that person would have waited for the women to return to the car. And if for some reason the driver left the scene, where is that person and why hasn't that person come forward? While investigators may have concluded that there is no suspicion of foul play in the deaths of Soraya and Jumana Salti, I am not convinced. I think a much more thorough investigation is warranted.

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