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The way to deal with Mueller report

Apr 24,2019 - Last updated at Apr 24,2019

While the entire world is taking stock of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on whether US President Donald Trump colluded with Russian President Vladimir Putin to win the 2016 presidential election, the other main issue was whether Trump obstructed justice throughout his personal and official affairs.

With speculations about the contents of the redacted report remaining rampant, the Democrats in the US Congress are seeking the release of the full unedited report so that they, and the rest of the American people, can reach judgements about it.

Perhaps the US and the rest of the international community are reading too much into the report as a judicial exercise to determine the guilt or innocence of President Trump on these two levels of charges. The biggest drawback against the report as a prima facie case against Trump is the undeniable fact that it was conducted by one person, albeit very distinguished and a man of high scruples and integrity. Yet, it remains essentially a one man show!

President Trump cannot be fairly and thoroughly judged by what one person may say or do not say or conclude about him. It took more than two years to prepare the report, and much of it depended on “evidence” or testimony gathered by Mueller, either directly or through his aids.

The thing to do now is to have a follow-up on the report by conducting a judicious probe by a team of legal scholars enjoying high legal and moral reputation to go through the report and come out with a “verdict” of sorts. Trump’s conduct being complained about, whether connected to Russia or any other country, requires a judicious probe.

Trump’s personal file, especially with regard to his income tax returns, still remains a mystery that also requires a thorough investigation by a team of “jurists” who enjoy neutral political persuasions.

There should be a preliminary assessment and gathering of initial evidence to corroborate or refute charges levelled against President Trump. That would be the fair and just way to deal with the Mueller report.

There are voices within the Democratic Party calling for the impeachment of the president. This would be premature and unfair at this stage of the probe into Trump’s conduct. One step at a time would be the right way to pursue the Trump affair.

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