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Kent Harrington
By Kent Harrington - Aug 30,2023
 GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS — Studies of the role of intelligence operations inevitably have a Rashomon-like quality, with the same events yielding various, sometimes contradictory, interpretations.
By Kent Harrington - Mar 22,2023
ATLANTA — The US intelligence community’s annual threat assessment for 2023 certainly cannot be faulted for having a narrow focus or Pollyanna perspective.
By Kent Harrington - Feb 09,2023
ATLANTA — Voltaire famously warned that anyone who can make people believe absurdities can make them commit atrocities. Two and a half centuries later, an insurrection at the US Capitol by those who believed Donald Trump’s lies confirmed Voltaire’s point.
By Kent Harrington - Aug 23,2022
ATLANTA  —  Donald Trump and his Republican Party minions have presented a dog’s breakfast of explanations, evasions, accusations and lies about the classified documents, including top-secret files, that federal agents reclaimed from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago basement this mon
By Kent Harrington - Apr 07,2022
ATLANTA — Last month, when US National Intelligence Director Avril Haines presented the intelligence community’s annual threat assessment to the Senate Intelligence Committee, committee members praised her for the “excellent work” leading up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and f
By Kent Harrington - Jan 31,2022
ATLANTA  —  With US and Chinese warships increasingly playing chicken, and China transforming atolls and outcroppings into militarised artificial islands, the South China Sea presents a striking picture of Sino-American strategic competition.
By Kent Harrington - Nov 13,2021
ATLANTA — Nearly three years after his failed bromance with Donald Trump, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is once again angling for US attention.
By Kent Harrington - Mar 27,2021
ATLANTA — With vaccinations raising hopes for an end to the pandemic, predictions about the post-COVID world are multiplying fast.
By Kent Harrington - Jan 12,2021
ATLANTA — Tradition has it that when less-than-beloved CIA station chiefs are transferred from their posts abroad, their long-suffering staff celebrate with a wheels-up party.
By Kent Harrington - Nov 11,2020
ATLANTA — America’s allies should be forgiven if they are confused about where American foreign policy is headed. Who isn’t, given the go-it-alone recklessness of Donald Trump’s presidency?



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