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Authorities uncover water theft in Muwaqqar, Qatrana

Authorities face stone pelting during raid in Muwaqqar

By JT - Jul 24,2019 - Last updated at Jul 24,2019

In this undated photo, a tractor fills in an illegal well. The Ministry of Water and Irrigation’s Water Authority announced on Tuesday it had found violations in Muwaqqar and Qatrana (Photo courtesy of Water Ministry)

AMMAN — The Ministry of Water and Irrigation’s Water Authority and the Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna) on Tuesday uncovered violations in the areas of Muwaqqar and Qatrana.

In Muwaqqar, the Water Authority and Miyahuna coordinated with the Public Security Department, Gendarmerie Directorate and Royal Badia Forces to carry out a campaign, which uncovered three violations where water mains and pipes were illegally diverted to provide water to factories, livestock and water tanks. The violators diverted an estimated 1,000 cubic metres of water per day. 

A spokesperson for the ministry said that people began throwing stones at authorities in Muwaqqar while they were attempting to storm an area to carry out the campaign. However, the spokesperson added, the authorities were able to successfully carry out their raid, despite the incident. 

The raid in Muwaqqar uncovered an installation of illegal fixtures to provide cattle and factories with water. The illegal pipes were dismantled and the cases were referred to the courts for legal action. One perpetrator was apprehended while a search is ongoing to find the other, the spokesperson said.

The Karak Water Authority also uncovered a violation in Qatrana which involved two illegal piping fixtures close to Qatrana’s water plant. The fixtures were siphoning off from the mains to provide an agricultural pond with water. The illegal fixtures were dismantled, the pond was filled and the water pumps were seized.

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