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To face radicalism

Apr 26,2015 - Last updated at Apr 26,2015

One of the challenges Jordan is facing today is how to deal with increased radicalism amongst its people.

Facing it requires a strategy that works to de-radicalise them, but there is clear evidence of such a strategy being devised, let alone implemented. 

Prompt action is needed to address the expanding culture of radicalisation.

The process of de-radicalisation can be very long and complicated, especially when the target is an old culture rooted deep amongst the populous.

The change required is not limited to one sector; it should be comprehensive and include practical steps and tools for all those involved in achieving it.

Modernising the school curricula across the country should be at the top of this agenda. In doing so, we must acknowledge what it is we are trying to achieve.

We need to decide whether we want to change the content of what we teach our children but maintain the same teaching system, or change the mentality of teachers and how they educate our children.

We need to recognise that this is a complex issue and needs to be addressed in a practical and methodical manner that takes into consideration the complexities and nuances required for long-term change to be successful.

The country’s policy system must recognise the risks of not addressing the culture of radicalism that took roots among some in our society.

The need for change in our society is real and upon us.

A religious reform process will not be sufficient; what is needed is a process of conceptual change to the way our society operates at political, economic and social levels.

The integration of youths into a new and accepting cultural framework should be the top priority.

Creating a culture that values life is crucial to achieving a bright future.

We must commend the humanity in our people, and ensure we do not forget the damage and pain that the culture of death and blood has caused us over the past five years.

Literature, theatre and art should be taught and actively encouraged at schools for our youths to appreciate and participate in. 

We should never underestimate the effect of creativity and art in facing the scourge of radicalism and enabling people to embrace our shared humanity.

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