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Thinking outside the box

Mar 29,2015 - Last updated at Mar 29,2015

The ongoing regional shifts in political and security dynamics are forcing Jordan to revise its foreign policies and think outside the box.

Jordan needs a flexible policy within a long-term strategy to secure its national interests.

In order to meet these challenges, the Jordanian bureaucracy needs to be revolutionised. It is important to recognise that Jordan is in a strong position to influence the geopolitical dynamics in its favour.

Additionally, there is need for a new tone and language in order to awaken Jordanian pride and nationalism.

Mistakes negatively impacted Jordanian bureaucracy; it is important to restore its image and introduce officials who can engage and interact with regional peers.

There is need for new solutions to tackle the country’s challenges, including the budget deficit and the increasing risk of the spread of radicalism and extremism.

The development in the Jordanian-Iranian relations is strategically important. Engaging Iran is no longer taboo for either Western or some Gulf countries. 

It must be realised that focusing on the past makes one suffer from the same problems, today and in the future.

Jordan can develop relations with Iran at its own pace and on its own terms.

The country must find a new way to express and position itself. While some journalists call for Gulf countries to support Jordan, it must find a way to impose its own agenda and build new alliances directly and as it sees fit.

Jordan’s geographic location puts it in a strategic position that it should take advantage of. 

The Kingdom can and should be central to solving the Syrian crisis, stabilising Iraq and even bringing all stakeholders together to solve the Palestinian problem.

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