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Self-reliance is our only option

Mar 07,2024 - Last updated at Mar 07,2024

The challenges facing us in Jordan are great and, unfortunately, they are diverse, intensifying and increasing. Therefore, we must be aware of this well and prepare for it fully.

What happened and is happening in the Gaza Strip and the attitudes of the Western world towards it pained our hearts and disappointed us. This has sounded the alarm relentlessly. It has made us; decision makers, politicians and citizens; completely reconsider our approach, policies and tools.

Our bet on our relations with the countries of the world has proven lost, as the world today suffers from unprecedented moral bankruptcy. The policies, attitudes, relations, approaches and balances that we had adopted at the external and international levels did not bear fruit, especially in difficult times and the challenges they entailed.

Therefore, we have to adopt an exit strategy and get rid of all this approach. The negative attitudes were also clearly visible. Therefore, it is not right for us to rely on it at all.

We need to read the countries of the whole world and their policies and attitudes again. The future must not be like the present or like the past, neither in its views, nor in its estimates, nor in its tools.

Let us know well that resilience and self-reliance alone are our only way to build the future we want and deserve. Other than that, we hear words without them turning into actions.

Yes, let us reconsider our estimates and expectations, begin with a new approach and method of work, and let us always remember that our comprehensive self-resilience is the only way to snatch, I say snatch, our position that we deserve and want, and that we should never count on anything else, neither from near nor from afar. This does not contradict the continuation of balanced foreign relations policies, which maintain keeping all lines and channels open while maneuvering and waving using the various available tools and options.

Let us all realise that confronting challenges and confronting them firsthand, and enhancing national resilience and self-reliance, is our choice, indeed our only path that does not disappoint.

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