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Khleef Alkhawaldeh
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Apr 21,2024
The Social Security Corporation (SSC), through the Social Security Investment Fund, constituted a major source of financing in the state’s general budget, as the last two governments relied primarily and largely on the Social Security Investment Fund to finance general budgets to
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Apr 16,2024
Firstly, I would like to point out that Constitution has guaranteed the right of Jordanians to join parties, participate in parliamentary elections and run for them, whether through parties or others.
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Apr 07,2024
First, I would like to point out that paragraph two of article 16 of the Jordanian Constitution stipulates that “Jordanians have the right to form associations, unions and political parties, provided that their goals are legitimate, their means are peaceful, and they have bylaws
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Mar 31,2024
The rise in taxes of all types and names has exhausted the economy, as has the rise in fees and allowances.As for exemptions and exceptions, distinctions and distortions have occurred with some regards.
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Mar 23,2024
 Emerging into the future that we want economically requires unleashing the business sector and not restricting it, trying to direct it, setting ready-made templates for it, or thinking or planning on its behalf, as it is more agile, creative, innovative, efficient and effec
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Mar 17,2024
The currently held parliamentary session ends by the end of Wednesday 10/4/2024.The House of Representatives may be dissolved immediately after the end of the current parliamentary session and the government must resign within a week from the date of the dissolution of the House
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Mar 12,2024
We face difficult regional political, economic and financial challenges. Public debt has reached unprecedented levels; debt interest is steadily increasing and is consuming a large portion of the budget.
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Mar 07,2024
The challenges facing us in Jordan are great and, unfortunately, they are diverse, intensifying and increasing.
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Mar 27,2023
Conversations are currently taking place about the Audit Bureau, its role, functions and structure, and about the annual reports prepared by the Audit Bureau and the violations and observations they contain.
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Mar 15,2023
We are fully aware that the government is facing great challenges and its options are limited, and it is sometimes forced to adopt the option that is accompanied by the least harm.



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