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Ali Kassay
By Ali Kassay - Jul 14,2019
One of the best traditional Arab institutions was “Uqalaa Al Qawm” or the wisepeople of the community.
By Ali Kassay - Jul 08,2019
Last Saturday was a momentous day to many because on that day, the results of international standardised exams, e.g. AP, SAT and International Baccalaureate, came out.There was a very tense moment at my house while my son searched the screen of his laptop for his results.
By Ali Kassay - Jun 24,2019
One of the greatest failings of governments anywhere is bad memory, or the assumption that the people are forgetful.For instance, in November 2016, Omar Razzaz wrote in a local daily: “Jordan must work to come out of the present bottleneck not by raising taxes but by raising prod
By Ali Kassay - Jun 16,2019
The first of this month celebrated the fourth awards ceremony of the Teachers and Students Environment Art Competition.
By Ali Kassay - Jun 09,2019
Like most Jordanians of my generation, I first met east Asian people at university in Britain.
By Ali Kassay - Jun 03,2019
Last week, I experienced the proudest moment in a parent’s life: celebrating the achievement of one’s child.
By Ali Kassay - May 19,2019
In 1999, Argentine-Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim and the late Palestinian-American academic Edward Said founded jointly the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra.
By Ali Kassay - May 12,2019
A young couple who were married a year ago had their first baby last week. The mother and baby were in perfect health and the father was over the moon with joy.
By Ali Kassay - May 05,2019
A few years ago, a group of visiting US senators who were given a talk by a Jordanian Cabinet minister, were surprised to discover that he was Christian.
By Ali Kassay - Apr 21,2019
At last, it has arrived. The final season of the TV show “Game of Thrones” (GOT) is screened for the delectation of about 1 billion viewers worldwide.



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