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Mark Leonard
By Mark Leonard - Jul 25,2019
BERLIN — The last five years have not been kind to the European Union’s foreign-policy prospects.
By Mark Leonard - Jun 26,2019
BERLIN — The escalating rivalry between China and the United States is ushering in a bipolar world. While the past few decades have been defined mostly by cooperation among the world’s leading powers, the next few will be marked by zero-sum competition.
By Mark Leonard - Mar 06,2019
MUNICH — Two Americas were represented by two different vice presidents at the Munich Security Conference this year.
By Mark Leonard - Jan 14,2019
BERLIN — The politics of Brexit is descending into chaos. The European Union is fragmenting into northern, southern, eastern and western tribes.
By Mark Leonard - Nov 27,2018
BERLIN — There has long been talk that the strategic rivalry emerging between the United States and China in recent years could one day give way to confrontation. That moment has arrived.
By Mark Leonard - Nov 01,2018
BERLIN — Donald Trump may not want to launch wars in the Middle East, but that does not mean he is getting the United States out of the regime-change business.
By Mark Leonard - Oct 08,2018
NEW YORK — At the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly last month, there was a widespread sense of foreboding among world leaders. The anxiety went beyond standard concerns about what US President Donald Trump would say, do, or Tweet.
By Mark Leonard - Jul 26,2018
BERLIN — Donald Trump is the first US president to think that the US-led world order is undermining US interests. Though the current order obviously benefits the United States, Trump is convinced that it benefits China even more.
By Mark Leonard - Mar 29,2018
LONDON — Until the terrorist attack at a market in southern France on March 23, French President Emmanuel Macron had been planning to launch a new European-level political campaign.
By Mark Leonard - Mar 01,2018
LAHORE — The Communist Party of China’s (CPC) decision this week to eliminate presidential term limits seems to open the door for President Xi Jinping to be not just “Chairman of Everything”, but also “Chairman Forever”.



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