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By Project Syndicate - Mar 15,2021
By Abdoulaye NdiayeNEW YORK — Large-scale protests have swept Senegal since the beginning of March, reflecting widespread anger at corruption, high unemployment, and what many regard as a politically motivated rape charge against opposition leader Ousmane Sonko (he denies the acc
By Project Syndicate - Mar 13,2021
By Margrethe Vestager, Josep Borrell BRUSSELS — This week, the European Commission presented its vision for a European “digital decade”.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 13,2021
By Parimita Mohanty, Annette WallgrenBANGKOK — By now, most countries in Asia and the Pacific have proposed some sort of post-pandemic recovery package. Many include investments in sustainability, which the United Nations has repeatedly urged governments to undertake.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 10,2021
By Ricardo Hausmann and José Ramon Morales-Arilla CAMBRIDGE  —  Imagine you are driving down a road and arrive at a junction. You are not sure where to go, so you turn right. After some time, the road becomes unpaved, bumpy and steep.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 09,2021
By Rachel Kyte, Ana Toni and Bernice Lee WASHINGTON, DC  —  COP26, the United Nations climate summit being held this November in Glasgow, is already looming large in US and UK policymaking circles.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 09,2021
By Hannah Wanjie Ryder and Gyude Moore BEIJING  —  With the arrival of US President Joe Biden’s administration, calls for a fresh allocation of special drawing rights (SDRs), the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) reserve assets, have gained new momentum.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 08,2021
By Harold James, Markus Brunnermeier and Jean-Pierre Landau PRINCETON/PARIS  —  The specter of inflation has returned. For two decades, central banks across industrialised economies were confident that they had banished it for good.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 06,2021
By José Antonio Ocampo, Joseph E. Stiglitz, and Jayati Ghosh  Dear Mr President,The world has welcomed your election and commitment to restore diplomatic engagement with the international community to the centre of US foreign policy.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 06,2021
By M. Niaz Asadullah, Nazia Mansoor, Teresa Randazzo and Zaki Wahhaj KUALA LUMPUR/LONDON/VENICE/CANTERBURY  —  In much of emerging Asia, persistent bias in favor of sons remains a barrier to girls’ life prospects  —  and often to life itself.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 02,2021
By Sema Sgaier and Prashant YadavWASHINGTON, DC  —  As the world enters the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, vaccination has moved front and center in policymakers’ responses.



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