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Jordan Kuwait Bank Issues its Third Sustainability Report in Accordance with Global Governance and Disclosure Standards

May 14,2023 - Last updated at May 14,2023

Jordan Kuwait Bank issued it’s sustainability report for the third consecutive year in accordance with the latest Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards “Essentials Content Index” which is more comprehensive in comparison with the two reports issued previously in line with the “GRI - Core Option” standards. The report highlights the Bank's performance in various economic, environmental, social, and governance aspects during 2022, and underlines the Bank’s commitment to promoting sustainable growth by integrating responsible strategies into its operations and banking services, and that serve stakeholders in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.


Haethum Buttikhi – Chief Executive Officer at Jordan Kuwait Bank, emphasized: "Recognizing the fast-paced advancements in sustainability, we continue to adopt best practices and execute cutting-edge projects that elevate both Jordan Kuwait Bank - as a prominent financial institution - and the Jordanian local community. We recognize that Jordan's Vision 2025, the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, and the Paris Agreement collectively offer a well-defined roadmap for realizing a sustainable future. These initiatives establish explicit targets for greenhouse gas emission reduction, resource conservation, fostering social and economic development, and laying the groundwork for collaboration among governments, businesses, and civil society to which we as an institution and employees subscribe to and are committed to continue to increase our footprint and impact."

The Sustainability Report transparently details the Bank's performance on economic, social, and environmental sustainability indicators, examine the impacts of our activities regarding the environment and communities, and showcase our performance infront of all our stakeholders. Moreover, the Bank's efforts not only strive to mitigate any negative impact on the environment, but also continuously seek solutions and create innovative programs that contribute to the advancement of society, the environment, and the economy with an ultimate vision to contribute to the creation of a better future.

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