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Mixed Palette — Group exhibition at Wadi Finan Art Gallery. Through February 28. Tel: 4636939


Exhibition of works by Albert Coma Bau at Foresight Art-Gallery. Through February 28. Tel: 5560080


7x7 Seven Chinese Female Artists (Elegance of Ink) — Group exhibition at the Cairo Amman Bank Gallery. Through March 1. Tel: 5007700


Restoration — Exhibition of works by Sina Ata at Orfali Art Gallery. Through March 7. Tel: 5526932


Prevarication — Exhibition of works by Ali Amr at Orient Gallery. Through March 8. Tel: 5931331


Kids of Bombs — Exhibition of works by Rafik Majzoub at Jacaranda Images. Through March 17 at 6pm. Tel: 4644050


Truth is Black, Write Over It With a Mirage’s Light — 30th Anniversary Inaugural Exhibition of works at Darat Al Funun. Through May 17. Tel: 4643251



A Collection of Documentary Films — Screening of documentary films at the Rainbow Theatre at 7pm.


February 25Born in Syria

February 26Bolingo: The Forest of Love

One Day in Aleppo

February 27A Footnote in Ballet History


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