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UBitc Group introduces Livaatverse, the MENA region’s first metaverse project

May 30,2022 - Last updated at May 30,2022

Livaat Portal L.L.C., a production technology company and a subsidiary of UBitc Group, has launched the first metaverse project in the MENA region, carrying the name Livaatverse.

It is a metaverse that is specifically designed for the integration of the next generation of Internet technology and is set to expand how we see the opportunities in content creation industry.

Rather than being based on video game, Livaatverse was created to realise what is seen in the horizon for the future of the Internet and the huge opportunities in blending the best of digital and real-world experiences.

The previous version of this solution, Livaat Platform, has gained recognition for its diversified coverage for various business sectors, including entertainment and events with many integrated services to support the creation, development, and management of creative content.

With Livaatverse, the users and content creators are getting a variety of new benefits and opportunities with their content.

For visitors, Livaatverse brings a set of new opportunities including ways to earn money by investing in digital real estate, or in the non-fungible tokens (NFT) using Livaatverse’s digital coin, Livaa Token.

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