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RGH, Yasu Project venture into digital animation cooperation

By JT - Mar 13,2017 - Last updated at Mar 13,2017

Amman — Rubicon Group Holding (RGH), represented by its CEO Randa S. Ayoubi and Yasu-Project, a Japanese company,  represented by its chairman Inoue Yasuharu, signed a cooperation agreement on Monday, paving the way for the two business entities to work together on several projects.

The two companies will start their cooperation with the production of a full feature animation movie, celebrating the legacy of the football game, to be produced and developed by RGH. “We are very excited to see this collaboration between RGH and Yasu-Project to bring about Japan’s beauty in art and culture through RGH’s production dynamics,” Yasuharu said in remarks following the signing of the agreement.

The signing of a final agreement, including all details, is slated for April, according to a statement of RGH, global entertainment company headquartered in Amman. 

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I'm am owed tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid paychecks by RGH. The "we'll pay you when we can" nonsense needs to stop. Pay your bills RGH.

RGH is a group of crooks and scam artists, they previously did business in Los Angeles, but can no longer set foot in the States thanks to tax evasion, failure to pay rent, contractors, and employees. Even now they owe hundreds of thousands to ex-employees.

The Yasu-Project should cut ties immediately.

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