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Leading in the Digital Era

By Dr Tareq Rasheed , Family Flavours - Nov 13,2022 - Last updated at Nov 13,2022

By Dr Tareq Rasheed
International Consultant and Trainer


The massive adoption of technology, especially post-COVID, has increased the demand for digital skills. How does this affect our social and organisational lives?


Digital jobs of the future


The jobs that will be most successful and in demand in the coming years include:

Robotics: With Robotics Process Automation (RPA), robots are in every sector and industry: medical, engineering, tourism, agriculture, aviation, transportation

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Robotics and machines are controlled by a high level of programming using Artificial Intelligence

Big Data: In a world of digitalisation, data is the key resource to be managed and controlled 

Internet of Things (IOT): Many applications are available and managed with minor control of humans

Virtual Reality (VR): The real world is becoming increasingly virtual and you socialise virtually, you meet virtually, you and your children learn virtually

Augmented Reality (AR): The virtual world is supported by all techniques, tools and applications that facilitate access to everything

Although this digital world has many advantages, these are some of the issues to be aware of:

Emotions will be less influential in such a world, as machines are the leading players and implementers 

Several jobs will be lost, especially low-skilled routine work jobs. The new jobs require full awareness and readiness for this coming age of digitalising

Social lives will be the most affected negatively, as people will become isolated in a digital virtual world, which, if not managed, could lead to mental health issues


Tips for managing and leading digital lives


Leaders, parents, caregivers and educators can balance their digital life and real life by maintaining face-to-face social meetings, nurturing relationships and leading and managing digitalisation rather than being led and managed by it

Plan regular social events and activities with family

Encourage partnership and voluntary work to allow participants to be engaged in real-life scenarios

We need technology to facilitate our lives and achievements at all levels, but we should never for get that we are humans who live by communication and socialising with others.


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