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‘Ryanair needs to show more transparency’

Apr 29,2019 - Last updated at Apr 29,2019

This letter is response to the article published in the Jordan Times edition of April 25, 2019: “Ryanair announces four new flights in preparation for winter tourism uptick.”

While low-cost airlines can allow passengers more opportunity to see the world, it is worth noting that there are additional airfare related costs that passengers may not be aware of, like reserved standard seats and a 20kg checked-in bag. I am pleased to know that Ryanair continues to recognise the importance of tourism in Jordan, however, the airline needs to show more transparency in prices on their website.

As a Jordanian who worked in the aviation industry for over 15 years, I am pleased that Ryanair’s lower fares will enable visitors to spend the money they save on Jordanian tourism.

There are many reasons to visit Jordan, namely its safety, great food, weather and its warm and hospitable people. Jordanians will go to extremes to help others and to make sure your experiences are positive. I remember when my American husband first visited the country, we got pulled over by a police patrol. The officer went to my husband’s window and simply said: “Welcome to Jordan, sir!” God bless Jordan.


Rula Malky

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