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Disadvantages of using devices for kids

Mar 30,2019 - Last updated at Mar 30,2019

It became a global phenomenon to see children addicted to smart devices.

Nowadays, many parents talk proudly about their children’s ability to use smart phones and tablets. It is normal to hear from someone this statement: “My son of five years old can use the tablet better than me.” Parents boast about their kids’ skills, considering them geniuses.

Unfortunately, most parents do not realise the bad effects of addiction on smart devices for children.

One of the worst effects is destroying children’s brain activity. Smart devices influence electromagnetic waves for internal communication .The brain has its own electric impulses within, which carry out communication in the neural network. In children, phone waves can penetrate right into the interior parts of the brain, since they are not immune.

It is said that the electrical activity inside a child’s brain can be changed. This unpredictable activity can cause problems in mood patterns and trouble learning new things or focusing well.

Another thing that should be mentioned is the academic performance. Many children carry their cell phones to their schools. Playing games, during school breaks or in the classroom, is increasing.

This causes children to fail to pay attention in class, missing out on important lessons and, consequently, being clueless about studies and examinations.

In my opinion, smart devices are meant to simplify our lives not to create problems. Our love for our kids should be controlled, and when we buy anything for our kids, it should be appropriate to their age.


Isa Aljundi


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