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No action to contain Ebola

Oct 19,2014 - Last updated at Oct 19,2014

Things are going from bad to worse in Ebola-affected counties and the world community is doing very little to control this worst outbreak in modern history.

Five thousand people lost their lives and several thousands are affected.

Death, misery and horror are becoming part and parcel in affected areas. No one is safe.

In a recent statement, the World Bank chairman warned that the world community is losing the battle against Ebola in West Africa.

Only days ago, the World Health Organisation warned that 10,000 people can be affected weekly by Ebola in Africa. 

UN head Ban Ki-moon also warned and appealed twice for funds that could help control the spread of Ebola in the countries affected.

Doctors without Borders also appealed for health workers and doctors for affected area.

Health workers are at great risk; several lost their lives due to poor safety standards. Some demand high wages and protective suits for their safety.

Poor medical facilities and lack of health workers are the main challenges in the countries affected by Ebola. 

In some, like Liberia, only 1,100 doctors are available for the entire population.

Unfortunately, everyone wants to protect his own interest and safety.

Several countries imposed travel bans to the affected countries and several others closed their borders with the countries touched by Ebola, which is makes it hard for health workers to travel to the affected areas.

Despite the wide-scale outbreak and the death of several thousands of people, no vaccine is available and things are getting worse.

Modern countries spend millions of dollars against unseen enemies, on star wars and on missions to Mars, but cannot save dying human beings in West.


Khawaja Umer Farooq,
Saudi Arabia

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