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Painful debate

Oct 30,2014 - Last updated at Oct 30,2014

Watching the UN Security Council debate on settlement buildings in East Jerusalem, I could not fathom that Arabs just sit tight, doing nothing to stop this outrageous Jewish aggression on our brethren’s land.

The Israeli ambassador to the UN should not forget that history does repeat itself.

Jews never forget, nor do they want visiting dignitaries to forget, the holocaust, but they commit similar atrocities against the Palestinians.

Israeli ambassador’s ridiculous arguments and arrogant remark that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jews contravene international legitimacy.

Does he not know that all countries, including the US, recognise the 1967 borders of Palestine as legitimate and East Jerusalem as part of the Palestinians’ land?

One wonder where he gets his fictitious ideas from.

Israel occupies other people’s land, has driven them out of their houses, massacred them, and its history books teach that the land now called Israel was uninhabited.

And then, it has the nerve to say that Palestinians teach their children to hate Jews.

Israel has to return to the Palestinians their land, and teach its people self-respect and respect for others.

The world is finally beginning to realise who the true aggressor is and the injustices towards the Palestinians.

Barbara Burgan,

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