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Pymterics Assessment Games

By Wael Samain - Nov 03,2022 - Last updated at Nov 03,2022

Recently, many major companies in the world, including Tesla, have begun to conduct a preliminary test to screen job applicants using Pymterics Assessment Games, to determine the soft skills of candidates, where the games are selected according to job requirements, which usually range between 9-12 games, lasting about 30 minutes and done online, and testing the applicant’s abilities, including social, emotional and cognitive features such as attention, emotion, decision-making, risk taking, communication skills, customer service skills, problem solving, time management and management skills, and leadership skills effort, fairness, decision making, focus, learning, attention and generosity. The results are surprisingly very accurate.

It is not enough for a person to have hard skills, they must also have soft skills, as these skills express the personal capabilities that can be used in the job, because they are very important and determine the success of an employee in their job duties.

Tesla adopted the Pymterics Assessment Games examination to screen candidates in the initial recruitment process, and the feedback was very positive, as it made significant improvements in the quality of employees, and increased its investment returns.

On the other hand, most international companies check the content of the social media for any job applicant, and this is very legal, because the content is primarily published to the public, and if any bullying, hate speech or racism is found in it, the applicant is excluded from the list of candidates.


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