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Feb 05, 2015
I’m an 85-year-old American veteran of Vietnam.
Feb 05, 2015
I have total respect for Jordan.
Feb 05, 2015
We have just heard about the sorrowful news of Jordan and wish to express condolences on your loss.
Feb 04, 2015
I was sitting in a café last night when the news came through on my phone about the terrible news of Muath Kasasbeh being killed.
Feb 04, 2015
Our hearts go out to the family of this incredibly brave hero, Lt. Muath Kasasbeh, and to the people of Jordan.
Feb 04, 2015
I am sickened by the sadism evident in the killing of your young pilot, Muath Kasasbeh. ...
Feb 04, 2015
Words cannot convey the horror my husband and I feel at the death of your brave pilot, Lt. Muath Kasasbeh.
Feb 01, 2015
Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour’s comments on the strikes contemplated by the Jordan Teachers Association, as reported by The Jordan Ti ...
Jan 26, 2015
The world needs to clarify terms like freedom and democracy, amongst others, as they are used and interpreted for the convenience of some.
Jan 22, 2015
A chorus of Western commentators is defending the right to freedom of speech and the press in the West. They all seem to take it for gr ...



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