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Arab world is ‘alive and setting excellence examples’ — TAKREEM

By Camille Dupire - Nov 05,2017 - Last updated at Nov 05,2017

Last year, HRH Princess Ghida received a special distinction from TAKREEM for her fight against cancer and her role as the chairperson of the King Hussein Cancer Centre and Foundation (Photo courtesy of TAKREEM)

AMMAN — “The Arab world is alive. We want people to see stories of Arab successes that are a source of pride for all of us to broadcast the message that the Arab world is a place of initiative, creativity, positive thinking, entrepreneurship, and the sanctity of youth,” said Ricardo Karam, the founder of TAKREEM, which will hold its 8th awarding ceremony on November 25.

Founded in 2009, TAKREEM aims to honour the accomplishments of Arabs in the fields of science, culture, environment, education, humanitarian aid and economy to “bring Arab achievers to the forefront of the globe stage”, Karam told The Jordan Times at a media gathering announcing the event.

“As many negative perceptions have plagued the region because of regional crises that have tarnished the image of the Arab world, we want to defy this trend by conveying a positive image of Arabs worldwide through their accomplishments and, in doing so, reveal their true identities,” Karam said.

Scheduled in Amman at the end of this month, this year’s ceremony follows the previous editions that took place in Beirut, Doha, Manama, Paris, Marrakesh, Dubai and Cairo.

“As a Jordanian, I have been pushing for Amman to host the event because it has so much to offer in terms of tourism, culture, talents,” Lana Ghawi Zananiri, a selection board member told The Jordan Times, adding “there are so many incredible success stories that we don’t know about, and the international media exposure TAKREEM helps in spreading the word to the rest of the world.”

Each year, TAKREEM awards nine Arab laureates under the categories of young entrepreneur, scientific and technological achievement, cultural excellence, environmental development and sustainability, outstanding Arab woman, excellence in education, humanitarian and civic services, corporate leadership and international contribution to Arab society. 

“The Arab world has incredible talents who display inspiring curiosity and critical thinking skills and we want to honour them so they can become a source of inspiration to the Arab youth in their search for role models,” Karam said, calling for the support of the media in exposing those “success stories”.

The award seeks to empower, motivate and push new generations to “go forward with their ideas”, he continued.

TAKREEM provides a platform for unseen Arab men and women to become visible by highlighting their endeavours across the globe, according to its website.

The laureates are chosen through a two-fold selection process involving prominent and distinguished figures from the Arab world, including Her Majesty Queen Noor. 

Last year, HRH Princess Ghida received a special distinction for her fight against cancer and her role as the chairperson of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Centre. 

Previous Jordanian awardees included multimedia artist Samia Taktak Zaru, Founder and Director of Legal Aid Samar Muhareb and educational expert Rawan Barakat.

 “This event reminded me and reinvigorated me of the choices I have made to remain in my home country and making social impact the focus of my professional life,” Iman, a participant in last year’s awards, was quoted in a statement.


Nazem, another participant in Cairo’s event, said: “TAKREEM leads by example, shedding light on those unknown leaders, makers, influencers and achievers, who are effectively the region’s ambassadors of change.”

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