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China keen to play ‘larger role’ in resolving Middle East conflicts

By Mohammad Ghazal - Nov 17,2015 - Last updated at Nov 17,2015

China’s Special Envoy to the Middle East Gong Xiaosheng speaks to reporters in Amman on Tuesday (Al Rai photo)

AMMAN — China’s Middle East envoy on Tuesday expressed his country’s readiness to play a larger role in addressing regional conflicts, emphasising that political solutions are key to resolving these issues.

“China is ready to play a more constructive, positive and a larger role in the region… We are also keen on increased coordination and cooperation with Jordan in this regard,” China’s Special Envoy to the Middle East Gong Xiaosheng told reporters in Amman.

The Chinese official said military solutions will not suffice to resolve conflicts in the Middle East, voicing China’s concern over growing violence in the region, waves of refugees, and the rise of terrorist groups and radical ideologies.

“Military solutions will not completely eradicate terrorism and solve problems in the region,” he said.

“In light of the ongoing conditions in the Middle East and the escalating circumstances, the international community should exert increased efforts to find lasting and fair political solutions to the issues in the region,” he added. 

The official noted that key differences between regional powers with regard to pressing issues have delayed efforts to find solutions.

He highlighted the strategic ties between Beijing and Amman and the significance of continued bilateral coordination to address regional developments, saying China would continue to boost cooperation with Jordan in this area.


The situation of the Palestinian people remains the core of the Middle East’s interrelated issues, the envoy added.

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