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Citizens in Irbid’s village pledge boycott of MPs who renewed confidence in government

By Raed Omari - Feb 19,2018 - Last updated at Feb 19,2018

A general view of Bayt Yafa village in Irbid Governorate (Photo courtesy of Bayt Yafa Facebook page)

AMMAN — Dismayed by the fact that only three of Irbid’s 20 MPs voted “no” for granting confidence to the government, citizens of Bayt Yafa village decided to boycott the 17 other deputies, accusing them of being  “personal benefit seekers”.  

In a statement they issued late on Sunday, citizens from Irbid’s Bayt Yafa village, some 90km north of Amman, expressed dismay and disappointment that only three Irbid MPs out of 20 withheld confidence in Prime Miniser Hani Mulki’s government.

“Against our will you supported the ‘unfair’ government’s decisions for personal gains,” signatories say.

Authors of the statement, a copy of which was seen by The Jordan Times, asked the 17 MPs, who voted “yes” for Mulki’s government, “not to share with them their happiness, grief, and sorrows”.

“You are not welcome to our village. We don’t want you in our guest houses. You will never enjoy our support.” 

The no-confidence vote against Mulki’s government was defeated by 67 votes to 49 with 4 abstentions of the 122 MPs present. 

 Irbid’s MPs Husni Sheyab, Abdullah Obeidat and Ibrahim Quraan withheld confidence in the government while Mahmoud Titi, Abdulmunem Oudat, Rashed Shuhah, Riyadh Azzam, Nidal Taani, Ibrahim Bani Hani, Fawaz Zoubi, Jawdat Darabseh, Khaled Abu Hassan, Intisar Hijazi, Yousef Jarrah, Mustafa Khasawneh, Wael Razzouq, Khaled Bakkar, Majed Qweisem, Mejhem Sqour and Issa Khashashenh voted “yea” for the government.  

Facebook users posted on their accounts the names of Irbid’s deputies who voted “Yes” for the government, calling on people not to vote for them in future parliamentary elections. 

130 users have voted.


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