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Gov’t completes preliminary design for new Amman city

By Mohammad Ghazal - Oct 23,2017 - Last updated at Oct 23,2017

AMMAN — The government has completed a preliminary comprehensive design for the establishment of a new Amman city, which is set to be the country's new capital, Prime Minister Hani Mulki said on Sunday.

"We found the solution to address several pressing issues in Amman; we will  create a new Amman city. This project will be offered for implementation on the basis of Build, Operate and Transfer next year," Mulki said at a meeting with media representatives.

The new city will not be attached to Amman, he added.

The project will be constructed over five phases, the Premier added.

New government buildings will also be available in the city, according to Mulki, who did not disclose its location.

During the meeting, the premier added that tenders will be also offered to construct several toll roads between the years 2018-2021.

These include Amman Ring Road, Irbid-Amman, Ajloun-Salt and Dead Sea and Aqaba roads.

These roads will be constructed on Build, Operate and Transfer basis, he said, adding that these will be alternative roads.


“For, when the Dead Sea-Aqaba road is a toll road, we are working on maintenance of the Desert Highway that leads to Aqaba, which will still be for free. So we will make sure there are alternatives,” said the premier.

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Having money doesn’t automatically mean you’re less noble than someone who doesn’t, and a lot of people will say it does because they’re not rich and hate their current situation enough to hurt someone who is, irrespective of their innocence or guilt.

I think the conflict is how do we establish Jordan as a global powerhouse of industry, commerce, and wealth without forfeiting our national identity of being holy, noble, and pious. Does having money automatically mean that we are abondoning our national identities of being holy, noble, and pious? Let’s take a closer look at history. Throughout history, looking particularly at the eras of the crusades, churches erected missions to secure moral and ethical tenets under titles of nobility and enforced law to maintain the safety and wellbeing of the people, and one way to erect the missions was through capital acquisition. Glorious churches were constructed, wealth was gained, and the people lived in cohabitation with capitalism and the church. In Islam, during the caliphate eras, capitalism and Sharia coexisted in cohabitation, and glorious mosques were constructed, and the people lived in cohabitation with capitalism and the Sharia. Does having money automatically mean that we are losing our national identites of being noble, holy, and pious? Not really. Having money means you can do more with philanthropy and temple activities.

Gravity generators for atmospheres to keep meteor threats in check and to sustain expletive habitats.

Yeah. Transforming the deserts into lush green acres is no easy task, but it can be accomplished with easy work, diligence, persistence, and perseverence. Egypt finished the new Suez canal in less than a year. Transforming the deserts into lush green tropical oasises in less than a year will cream all megalithically efforted environmental project accomplishments ever. Plus, if it's publicly funded, it'll be even more awesome cause everybody will get richer and it'll promote even more megalithic publicly funded projects. So yeah, I'm totally for transforming the deserts into lush green tropical oasises. Plus, it'll be good experience when we go to Mars and colonize it and transform them into hospitable environments.

We don't have to be condemned into casteitude to live in an inhospitable desert environment till it's completely unlivable. We can change our environment and make it better. We can build desert metropolises that are cool and temperate and change our desert landscapes into lush tropical forests with endless acres of farmland to sustain life.

We can also transform the deserts into lush, fertile, green tropical oasises with enough farmland to feed the world ten thousand times over annually.

We can make desert cities that are hospitable places to live that have 80 degree Farenheit weather all year round, with no sandstorms, unlimited water supplies, and totally green energy with negative environmental impact footprints.

Jordan is a prime opportunity for gains in the European, African, and Asian markets. There are billions and billions of consumers all within easy reach. Centralizing industries in Jordan will not only ground Jordan as an economically acclimating powerhouse of industry, commerce, and wealth, but will also serve interests in dynamizing the philanthropy sectors while solidifying the capitalistic identity of the Arab world, which has suffered tremendously since the influences, persuasions, and distractionizations of the literature of the mid 20th century Marxist and Communist authors and leaders. The Arab World has been severly battered by them, and one way to overcome that hurdle is through mass industrialization and capitalismization programs and initiatives aimed and waged to batter the influences of the Marxism and Communism beasts and hedons.

I agree. Jordan is centralized for industry with Africa, Europe, and Asia. The question is how fast is Jordan willing to transform into a global powerhouse of industry, commerce, and wealth. Are we going to ride the camel in the dunes and forget about it and forfeit it for generations to come, or are we going carpè diem full force with aces high. Dubai did it in 20 years. We could do it in 10. The difference between Dubai and us is that we already have two major center options: Amman and Aqaba, Amman being inland, and Aqaba being on the coast. But an even better option for a new city that everyone dreams of sits on the end of the kettlebar near Iraq, with no seismic activity, prime for high-rise development. Amman is better suited for low to midrise buildings, and Aqaba is better suited for low to low-midrise, but on the end of the kettlebar, there's no seismic activity. Only thing is it's hot, so inground cooling and atmospheric water extraction facilities and other green utilities are a must.

Jordan does sit strategically in the center of the Maghreb, Sham, and Hijaz Peninsula and also has a port with homeplate access routes directly to Europe through the Suez Canal and Africa all across the eastern shore, with Asia not too far away, making it a wanderlust for centralized industry in the region with direct access to billions and billions of consumers all within 8 hour flights, making it a strategic cream pie for industry. So yeah, in order to secure the financial sectors in lieu of this megalithic industry opportunity, corporations need to be secure enough with enough grounding to establish domains in our country, and one way to do that is with constructing centralized financial and industry sectors. Centralizing corporations in a financial district around Amman will solidify Jordan's role in procuring Jordan's global position as an important financial and industrial habitat through logistics strategification programs aimed at centralizing industry in Jordan while streamlining global logistics operations such that quality and efficiency and service are unparalleled and unmatched. One way to accomplish that goal is through ad and revelation campaigns.

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