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Hattar shot to death

By JT - Sep 25,2016 - Last updated at Sep 25,2016

AMMAN – Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar was shot to death near the Palace of Justice in Abdali, central Amman, this morning by a gunman, Al Rai daily reported. 

The gunman was later arrested, Al Rai quoted a police officer. 

Hattar, who sparked outrage after sharing a caricature that was considered insulting to Muslims, was apparently going to attend a court session. 

He was released on bail some two weeks ago after spending some days in detention.

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Jordan's Christian population has nearly been eliminated--it is down to something like 3%. Apparently Muslims will not be happy until they have completely destroyed one of the oldest Christian communities on earth. What a tragedy.

What kind of religion kills people over a picture?

This is outrageously disgusting as a race. There should be no absolute right for anybody to deserve life over anybody. Disgusting. Very ashamed in the character of my people. Rest in peace!

Nahed Hattar got killed because he shared something, not created it.

He posted something in his Facebook and following the social media outrage, he removed it.

He was charged and he voluntarily turned himself to the authorities.

He showed up at the Palace of Justice, getting ready to attend a court hearing session that is being prepared to prosecute him. But he failed to attend the section because someone stopped him.

So who caused a greater damage and who is most deserving of punishment? I think it's the killer.

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