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Improving life of Jordanians is my calling and daily mission — King Abdullah

The secret of Jordan is that we are there for everybody

By JT - Feb 14,2018 - Last updated at Feb 14,2018

His Majesty King Abdullah speaks to Mikhail Gusman in an interview for TASS News Agency/Russia-24 Television ahead of his visit to Russia due later this week (Photo courtesy of Royal Court)

AMMAN — “Every time I wake up in the morning is... can I make today a better day for my people,” His Majesty King Abdullah said in an interview with the Russian TASS News Agency that was released on Tuesday and will also be broadcast this week on Russia-24 Television.

Speaking to Mikhail Gusman, King Abdullah added: “So the frustration I have, in coming up to our anniversary of 20 years, is how do we protect our people and move them forward”. (See full interview)

His Majesty said he feels the international community has let down the Jordanian people, who have paid the price and shouldered the Syrian refugee burden and hosted other refugees that have come through.

“I am optimistic at the future, but I wish the world would maybe be a bit more sympathetic to the plight of Jordanians, and help us be able to see the light better,” the King added.

Commenting on interfaith harmony, His Majesty said the Muslim-Christian model of coexistence in Jordan is “unique around the world”.

“When it’s time for Christmas, you know, Muslims celebrate with their Christian brethren, and when it’s a Muslim holiday, the Christians come and say congratulations and also share in our festivities,” the King added.

“And I think that’s the secret of Jordan, that, I hope, permeates to other parts of the world — that we’re there for everybody,” His Majesty said.

Asked about his Hashemite family, the King said this heritage includes “generations of my family that serve for their country, not behind their desk, but out, shoulder-to-shoulder with the people”.

“That’s the spirit of the Hashemite dynasty — to be there for everybody, to never put up walls, to break down barriers between people, and to be of hope,” His Majesty affirmed.

“With my son, it’s the same thing. It’s dedication to service,” the King said, in response to a question about HRH Crown Prince Hussein, highlighting the Crown Prince’s commitment to reaching out to young people.

“I know in his heart what he wants for the Jordanian people, and that makes me feel… at ease,” His Majesty added.

Asked about Jordan’s ties with Russia, the King said the relationship has been built on trust and confidence.

His Majesty also noted “the work that Russia and Jordan have done in southern Syria to bring stability to the south” as an important success story.

The King stressed the importance of cooperation between Jordan and Russia to fight terrorism and extremism around the world.

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