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Jordan seeking funds for first nuclear power plant — official

By Mohammad Ghazal - Aug 20,2016 - Last updated at Aug 20,2016

AMMAN — Jordan’s first nuclear power plant could be operational by 2025, if sufficient financing is secured, the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) said on Thursday. 

“Jordan is currently in talks with German, Czech, Chinese and Japanese companies among others to supply turbines and electrical systems for the power plant and things are going well,” said JAEC Chairman Khaled Toukan.

Thirty per cent of the $10 billion project will be financed equally by Jordan and Russia, who are partners in the project. JAEC is engaged in discussions with companies to secure the remaining 70 per cent to pay for turbines and electrical systems, Toukan said. 

“If we secure finance by the end of 2017, we will be able to operate the first reactor by 2025,” he noted.

Under an agreement with Russia, Jordan plans to build a power plant with two nuclear reactors, each with a capacity of 1,000 megawatts.

Toukan was speaking at a press conference on Thursday to announce the results of a report on the programme by the International Advisory Group (IAG).  

The IAG was formed in November 2015 to provide consultations on the strategy to deal with nuclear waste, and the best options and mechanisms to finance the plant.

The group includes former energy minister Khaled Shraideh and seven international industry experts. 

The head of the IAG, Marouf Bakhit, said Jordan was moving ahead with the project in a transparent way, while following the highest international standards. 

Bakhit said the IAG report was sent to the government and all the concerned authorities to address the group’s recommendations.

“Work on addressing the majority of the recommendations is already under way and the report will be dealt with in a professional manner,” said Bakhit.

The report called for more work to develop human resources and a nuclear culture, “especially in the Jordanian supply and construction industry”.

The IAG indicated that Jordan should consider hiring full-time international experts in the early stages of the programme in key disciplines to provide oversight of critical areas as well as to mentor newly trained Jordanian graduates. 

In addition, expert Jordanian staff must be available to enable Jordan to be an intelligent customer through the nuclear energy development programme, including providing smart oversight of products from consultants, the report said.

On waste, the IAG said while the country’s “strategy for radioactive waste management is considered to be appropriate”, more should be done to firm up the provisions including the scope and funding.

The proposals for a “near-surface repository for low and intermediate waste should be developed further, brought forward and include the specification for the on-site reactor waste processing and packaging”, the IAG said.

Toukan said the Jordan Research and Training Reactor will be launched in November.

“The research reactor will be the first of its kind in the region… This will greatly support Jordan’s efforts in scientific research,” he added.


The IAG commended Jordan for its responsible and balanced approach to its peaceful nuclear power programme.

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Even having one small nuclear reactor is the stupidest thing to do. Going totally clean and green is the best thing to do because it’s safer, cleaner, and financially more rational than spending more money on a stupid dirty nuclear reactor that doesn’t have any real benefits over totally green and clean other than aweing people with fraudulent technological superiority claims. Green and clean is the best. Say no to nuclear energy with umph and repercussive recourse to keep our country safe and clean.

We're not going to go nuclear just because there are energy expenditure impediments that seem difficult to overcome. Technology can pave ways for totally safe and totally clean energy that can sustain energy output during times of source uncertainty. And going nuclear isn't the new and cool thing to do. There are serious environmental challenges that occur as a result of reactor accidents, and you have to keep shutting them down and building new ones every 15 years to keep them safe, costing billions and billions of dollars to just to keep up the momentum. Clean energy is safer, cheaper, easier to maintain and procure, and costs less to maintain than nuclear reactors, which are costly, dirtier, not as safe, and harder to maintain.

If you attempt to only use renewable power, you will need to build at least 3 times the potential power you will need, as the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine. This will only minimize the blackouts and brownouts you will experience, it will not prevent them. Baseload power is always required, what type ever you choose, hydro, coal, nuclear, gas or fossil fuels.

Good for Jordan. This will greatly help Jordan as it has little domestic energy resources and is heavily dependant on politically unstable fossil fuel sources.

Jordan would be wiser to invest in Renewable Energy. See www dot thesolutionsproject dot org to learn how every state or country can be powered entirely with Renewable Energy.

Then go to www dot ENENEWS dot com and just take 1 minute to scroll thru the headlines and you will quickly see why nuclear energy should never be an option.

Nuclear power is a waste of money and is dangerous. Haram to waste all that money when there's cheaper better greener alternatives that are safer. Just because the American jumps off the cliff, doesn't mean you have to.

Hopefully Jordan will never be able to secure financing for the nuclear power stations. The overwhelming majority of Jordanians do not want the damn thing.

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