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King appoints new 65-strong Senate

Faisal Fayez named president of Upper House

By JT - Sep 28,2016 - Last updated at Sep 28,2016

AMMAN — A Royal Decree was issued on Tuesday dissolving the Senate as of September 27, while another listed the names of the 65 members of the Upper House, presided over by Faisal Fayez, who kept his title from the previous Senate, according to a Royal Court statement.

The makeup of the new Upper House includes four former prime ministers, including Fayez, along with Marouf Bakhit, Sameer Rifai and Abdullah Ensour.

In total, the makeup of the new Senate includes 47 figures that were not in the previous Chamber, while 18, including the president, retained their seats. 

Four ministers of the incumbent Cabinet, which serves as a caretaker until Prime Minister Hani Mulki forms his new government, the second in a row, were appointed as senators, which suggests that they might not be members in the new government, although there is no law against combining the two jobs. 

The four ministers are Bassam Talhouni (justice), Yassera Ghousheh (public sector reform), Rida Khawaldeh (agriculture) and Wajih Owais (higher education). 

The lineup also includes a former Royal Court chief, Nasser Lozi, two police chiefs, Tawfiq Tawalbeh and Thaher Fawaz and a former Gendarmerie chief, Ahmad Sweilmin. 

The new Senate witnessed the comeback of Talal Abu Ghazaleh, who had resigned from the Upper House after a law banned double nationality in senior posts, but was changed later.

The lineup includes 10 women, constituting 15.38 per cent of the total number of senators, up from 8, or 11.2 per cent in the previous Upper House.   

The dissolution of the Senate was expected as constitutionally mandatory, in line with Article 63 of the Constitution, which stipulates that the number of senators should equal or be less than half the number of deputies in the Lower House.

The new Elections Law, under which the September 20 parliamentary polls were conducted, reduced the number of Lower House members from 150 to 130. 


"Consequently, the current [71]-strong Senate is unconstitutional and should be reduced to a maximum of 65 members," a parliamentary source told The Jordan Times on Monday.




Following is the list of the members of the Senate: 

  1. Faisal Fayez
  2. Marouf Bakhit
  3. Samir Rifai
  4. Abdullah Ensour
  5. Marwan Hmoud
  6. Rajai Muasher
  7. Hisham Khatib
  8. Mohammad Ghneimeh 
  9. Abdul Razzaq Tbeishat
  10. Talal Ereiqat
  11. Munir Sobar
  12. Kamal Nasser Barham
  13. Nasser Lozi
  14. Munther Haddadin
  15. Mohammad Jawad Hadid
  16. Tamam Ghoul
  17. Haidar Mahmoud
  18. Alia Hatough
  19. Amal Farhan
  20. Nayef Hadid
  21. Hala Lattouf
  22. Mohammad Najjar
  23. Samir Murad
  24. Ayman Safadi
  25. Rabiha Dabbas
  26. Mazen Saket
  27. Wajih Owais
  28. Atef Tal
  29. Taher Shakhshir
  30. Adel Bani Mohammad
  31. Umayya Toukan
  32. Haya Qaralleh
  33. Yousef Jazi
  34. Bassam Talhouni
  35. Ayman Hatahet
  36. Rida Khawaldeh
  37. Yasera Ghosheh
  38. Hammad Maaytah
  39. Osama Malkawi
  40. Nael Kabariti
  41. Talal Abu Ghazaleh
  42. Yousef Goussous
  43. Haifa Najjar
  44. Taghreed Hikmat
  45. Ziad Homsi 
  46. Ahmad Sweilmin
  47. Mustafa Barari
  48. Omar Maani
  49. Abdullah Musa
  50. Hassan Abu Nimeh
  51. Khalil Issa Othman
  52. Ghazi Tayyeb
  53. Tawfiq Tawalbeh
  54. Thaher Fawaz
  55. Manaf Hijazi
  56. Omeish Omeish
  57. Faisal Fayyad
  58. Mahmoud Abu Juma
  59. Ziad Quraan
  60. Sawsan Majali
  61. Ghazi Abu Hassan
  62. Issa Murad
  63. Fida Hmoud
  64. Samir Abdul Hadi
  65. Sakher Dudin


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