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Motorists who over-tint windows might be fined by police

Traffic Department lifted long-ban on tinted glasses in 2015 due to heatwaves, allowing owners maximum tint of 30%

By Rana Husseini - Jul 18,2018 - Last updated at Jul 18,2018

According to the Traffic Department, vehicles’ glass should have 70 per cent of visual light transmission to protect passengers from the sun (Photo by Osama Aqarbeh)

AMMAN — The Traffic Department is considering fining motorists who increase the installation of tinted windows by 30 per cent starting next week.

“Traffic officials have noticed that many vehicles are exceeding the allowed 30 per cent of tinted windows on their vehicles,” said Deputy Director of the Traffic Department and Director of Amman Traffic Division Col. Bassem Kharabsheh, adding: “We decided to raise motorists’ awareness of this matter and we are contemplating whether to fine violators or not.”

The fine for exceeding the 30 tinting per cent currently stands at JD15, according to Kharabsheh.

In 2015, the Traffic Department decided to lift a long-ban on installing tinted glass for vehicles because of heatwaves, allowing owners to tint their windows at a maximum of 30 per cent.

According to the Traffic Department, vehicles’ glass should have 70 per cent of visual light transmission (VLT) so as to protect passengers from the sun. 

VLT refers to the percentage of light the tinted glass allows from the exterior of the vehicle.

Previously, there was a ban on car windows with less than 90 per cent VLT due to security reasons.

The Public Security department (PSD) issued a statement urging motorists to respect the 30 per cent tinting rule and to refrain from installing window films on the windshield and back glass of their vehicles.

“The Traffic Department wants to give motorists the chance to amend the violations because it is dangerous for drivers to have objects on their vehicle windows that obstructs the vision,” the PSD statement said, adding that covering the windows with dark tint “obstructs the traffic officials from performing their duties and detecting any violations that the motorist might be commiting while driving”.

The Traffic Department added that traffic officials are equipped with a special device that allows them to measure the percentage of tint on the windows, according to the PSD statement.

Experts have said that tinted windows give extra protection to passengers from exposure to sunlight and hot temperatures as well as ensuring that the air-conditioning system of the car performs better during heatwaves. 

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