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Razzaz government wins vote of confidence after marathon debate

79 out of the 124 MPs present support for new premier, team

By JT - Jul 20,2018 - Last updated at Jul 20,2018

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz addresses the Lower House before his government won a vote of confidence on Thursday (Photo by Hassan Tamimi)

AMMAN — The government of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Thursday won the Lower House’s vote of confidence with a majority of 79 out of the 124 MPs present.

The voting process took place immediately after Razzaz delivered his response to the deputies’ remarks that were made concerning the government’s policy statement.

A total of 42 lawmakers voted “nay”, while two abstained and six were absent.

Razzaz’s government won the House’s confidence following 10 sessions held over five days during which 120 MPs from the 130-strong chamber presented their notes on the policy statement.

Responding to lawmakers’ remarks, which involved bitter criticism of his plan and his selection of his team, Razzaz pledged to hold periodic meetings with parliamentary blocs and committees on various national issues.

He also said that the comprehensive development programme that he pledged to implement in the policy statement would be primarily focused on enhancing the economic participation of young people in the process. The government, he told lawmakers, was ready with a comprehensive employement project targeting the youth.

Razzaz also explained that the concept “social contract” he vowed to establish was first mentioned in His Majesty King Abdullah’s Letter of Designation to the government, explaining that the contract is an endeavour to translate the principles of the Constitution into facts on the ground.

Presenting the government’s policy statement to the House last week, Razzaz said the contract would “shape and define the relationship between citizens and their government based on the Constitution and Jordanians’ role in achieving sustainable development”. 

Razzaz noted in his reply address that all speculations about a solution to the Palestinian issue at the expense of Jordan “will evaporate in the face of national constants,” referring to the much-speculated ultimate deal being drafted by Donald Trump’s administration in Washington DC.  

He also pledged to launch a nationwide dialogue over a new income tax law that can ensure social justice and serve the national economy, adding that the government is currently reviewing the tax burdens on individuals and “will not hesitate to lower any tax” if deemed necessary. 

Razzaz highlighted a national strategy to combat poverty and build a concise system that can ensure that development gains reach the underprivileged segments of the society. 

He also said that the government would form a committee identify state-owned lands suitable to implement housing projects.

The premier said that the government is aware of the problems facing Jordanian women married to non-Jordanians, adding that a study will be conducted to include the Gazans living in Jordan under the health insurance system. 

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