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Scholars urge consensus among faiths, religious schools to combat extremism

By Mohammad Ghazal - Apr 10,2016 - Last updated at Apr 10,2016

Arab Muslim scholars participate in a session at an international conference held by the International Forum for Moderation in Amman on Saturday (Photo by Sahem Rababah)

AMMAN — Muslim scholars on Sunday called for consensus among all faiths and religious schools to foster cooperation, and ensure justice for all.

The scholars, representing several Arab and Muslim countries, called for genuine efforts to attain peace and collaborative work for the advancement of human kind, and removing all forms of oppression and injustice, according to the declaration of an international conference held by the International Forum for Moderation. 

In the declaration, the participants called for defending Islam and its principles.

They also called for cooperation in spreading sciences and knowledge, and underlined the need for forming an international commission for solidarity with families of victims of crises.

The Muslim scholars also called for an end to the use of weapons of mass destruction.

In a speech at the two-day event, which concluded Sunday and was held under the title “path of construction and path of deconstruction", International Forum for Moderation Secretary General Marwan Faouri stressed the noble values of Islam, noting that it is a religion of justice and freedom.

Faouri also stressed the need to defend the image of Islam.

Participants at the event, who included officials and scholars from Sudan, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, discussed the role of social media in spreading false information about religion and in fuelling sectarian violence.

They also underlined the need to maintain principles of coexistence and mutual respect among followers of all religions.

The participants said addressing issues of concern to young people must be a priority since they represent the majority of populations in Arab and Muslim countries. 


They also called for means to protect young people from any attempts to brainwash them by radical and extremist groups that tarnish the image of Islam and its followers.

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