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Tawjihi results show improvement, better discipline — minister

By Merza Noghai - Jul 29,2015 - Last updated at Jul 29,2015

General Secondary Certificate Examination students celebrate their results in Amman on Tuesday (Photo by Osama Aqarbeh)

AMMAN — The Education Ministry on Tuesday announced the results of the 2015 summer session of Tawjihi (General Secondary Certificate Examination) with a "remarkable improvement" in students' achievements compared to previous sessions.

At a press conference to announce the results, Education Minister Mohammad Thneibat said that a total of 90,618 regular students in both academic and vocational streams registered for this session, 57,077 of whom sat for the exam.

"A total of 49,972 students sat for the academic stream of the examination, among whom 20,521 students passed it, marking a pass rate of 41.1 per cent," Thneibat said, noting that the previous session's passing rate stood at 40.2 per cent. 

The pass rate of the scientific branch was the higher in the academic stream standing at 59.1 per cent, where 12,636 students passed the exam out of 21,376, the minister announced.

He added that 7,161 students sat for the literary branch, 1,496 of whom passed the exam with a rate of 20.9 per cent, while the pass rate of the IT branch stood at 29.8 per cent, with 6,061 students being able to pass the exam out of 20,307.

As for the vocational stream, Thneibat said that “a total of 7,105 students sat for the exam, 3,851 of whom passed it with a pass rate of 54.2 per cent, compared to 35.3 per cent in the past winter session.”

Thneibat said that 37,216 private-study applicants registered for this session, 28,888 of whom sat for it; 22,970 students sat for the academic stream and 5,918 for the vocational one, with a pass rate of 24.2 and 38.6 per cent respectively.

“The top achiever in the scientific branch was Maryam Bayyati with a rate of 99 per cent, Iman Saadeh topped the literary branch with 97.9 per cent and Aya Shkakhwa ranked first in the IT branch,” the minister noted.

“The ministry registered 732 violations in this Tawjihi session compared to thousands in previous sessions,” Thneibat noted.

According to a ministry statement distributed to attendants of the conference, there were 25 girls among the top 30 achievers across the Kingdom in the scientific, literary and IT branches.

The total number of students who passed this summer session stood at 32,207 students, 30,788 of whom can join higher education institutions, the statement added.


A total of 599 students scored averages between 95 and 99.9 per cent, while those whose averages ranged between 90 and 94.9 per cent reached 3,057 students, and those who scored averages between 85 and 89.9 reached 5,175 students, according to figures in the statement. 

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