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Veteran Islamist leaders mulling new ‘national’ party

By Khetam Malkawi - Dec 29,2015 - Last updated at Dec 29,2015

AMMAN — Veteran Islamic leaders plan to resign “soon” from the Islamic Action Front (IAF) to form a new political party that is likely to add to the fragmentation the mother group, Muslim Brotherhood, has been experiencing.

The envisioned party will not be associated with newly established Muslim Brotherhood Society, a splinter whose members have similar ideas.

Leaders of the new alliance, dubbed “the Group of Elders”, include Abdul Latif Arabiyat, Ishaq Farhan and Abdul Hamid Qudah, among other veteran Islamists.

“Preparations for the party are under way and we are conducting in-depth studies in this regard,” said Ghaith Qudah, a member of the group, who was recently dismissed from the IAF, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest opposition group.

Qudah told The Jordan Times that the “planned” party will not have an Islamic identity, but will be  “a national party with a diverse membership base”.

Once the plan is solid, the IAF is expected to witness more resignations and withdrawals.

Currently, the IAF has 800 registered members, with 30 branches across the Kingdom. In addition to the registered members, there are more than 4,000 supporting members.

Both members of Zamzam Initiative and the society are also preparing to form a new party.

Zamzam is a moderate socio-political movement launched in 2012 by the liberal wing of the Muslim Brotherhood and has attracted other figures from the broader political spectrum. 

Jamil Dheisat, spokesperson of the society, said: “We hope to form the most influential party” here.


“It will not be traditional, and will attract members from different ideologies, with focus on women and youth,” Dheisat told The Jordan Times. He added that members of Zamzam and the society are holding meetings and visits to the governorates to spread the word about their planned party.

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