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Osama Al Sharif
By Osama Al Sharif - Jan 16,2018
There was an ironic sense of déjà vu surrounding Sunday's meeting of the Palestine Central Committee (PCC) in Ramallah; a feeling that we have been here before. And that is true in many ways.
By Osama Al Sharif - Jan 09,2018
There is little doubt that the US decision to withhold or delay payment to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is more than an impulsive reaction against the Palestinian leadership in the wake of the political storm caused by
By Osama Al Sharif - Jan 02,2018
What Russia wants to achieve in Sochi later this month remains uncertain as the Syrian opposition, including key military factions, have decided not to attend.
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 26,2017
Despite world-wide sympathy for the Palestinians in the wake of the unilateral American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, reaction to President Mahmoud Abbas' declaration that Washington has disqualified itself as an honest broker and was no longer accepted as a peace
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 20,2017
The year 2017 will be looked upon as setting a crucial milestone in the long and costly war against jihadists and in particular the self-proclaimed "caliphate" of Daesh.
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 12,2017
It will take many years for Iraq to fully recover from the deep wounds left by Daesh, the self-proclaimed “caliphate” whose fighters swept through the country in 2014 wreaking havoc and occupying more than one-third of its territory at one point.
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 06,2017
Although it remains to be seen whether President Donald Trump goes ahead with the decision to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem, the very notion of considering changing the status of the holy city, which includes the occupied Old City and Arab neighbourhoods, a psychological,
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 28,2017
Bits and pieces making up the jigsaw puzzle that has become a key feature of the six-year-old Syrian conflict are finally falling into their places.Last week saw an exceptional push towards putting the political process back on track, with various interlocutors repositioning them
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 21,2017
The countdown has begun for the much-anticipated unveiling of President Donald Trump’s “ultimate deal” between Israel and the Palestinians, one that aims at closing the chapter on the decades-old conflict.For the Palestinians, initial signs point to a dismal start. Last week
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 14,2017
It was not the much-anticipated face-to-face meeting that the world was expecting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the APEC summit in Vietnam last weekend.Instead, the two leaders met briefly and the White House and the Kremlin issued a joint presidenti



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