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Jawad Anani
By Jawad Anani - Sep 24,2018
Prime Minister Omar Razzaz is an honest straight-shooter politician, never mind the oxymoron. In his frequent lectures and interview on 60 Minutes on Jordan TV, he put on simply-stated arguments, which were understood by the majority of the people.
By Jawad Anani - Sep 17,2018
While media attention around the world focused last weekend on the tumultuous weather conditions in the southeastern part of the US, human-made financial tsunamis in the Philippines and Sudan were brewing.
By Jawad Anani - Sep 10,2018
We can introduce so many theories to explain all these rebels without a cause demonstrated by our youth.
By Jawad Anani - Sep 03,2018
Is capitalism on the attack or is it on the defence? In 1994, English economist Paul Ormerod published his book “The Death of Economics” suggesting that current economic models and modalities fail to explain, or even find solutions, for unemployment.
By Jawad Anani - Aug 27,2018
It seems that the Jordanian economic dilemma is of high interest to both Israeli and American media.
By Jawad Anani - Aug 20,2018
Today marks Eid Al Adha, when Muslims celebrate the performance of the Hajj pilgrimage, the fifth pillar of Islam. It comes twenty days before the start of a new year, according to the lunar calendar.
By Jawad Anani - Aug 13,2018
Mary Kawar, the new planning minister, received her education in anthropology and economics at the two ends of the Atlantic Ocean. She got her bachelor’s degree from Tufts University in Massachusetts, USA.
By Jawad Anani - Aug 06,2018
The social media was awash with columns, opinions, extrapolations and pledges taking to task the long six-week absence of His Majesty King Abdullah and the Royal household members abroad. Arab and foreign media also rode the bandwagon, wittingly or otherwise.
By Jawad Anani - Jul 30,2018
Fiscal policy in Jordan has run its course. It is very tight. The government levies about sixty different types of direct and indirect taxes, excluding punitive fines.
By Jawad Anani - Jul 23,2018
The biggest four winners in 2018 FIFA World Cup were France, Russia, Croatia and Qatar.France won the World Cup in the final game held on July 15th and the team’s captain had the honour of holding the coveted Jules Rimet trophy.