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President Trump’s visit to Poland

Jul 12,2017 - Last updated at Jul 12,2017

US President Donald Trump paid a visit to Warsaw on July 5-6. He was a special guest of the Three Seas Summit, where leaders from the 12 Baltic states, the Black Sea and the Adriatic met.

President Trump’s visit was primarily an opportunity to strengthen Poland’s strategic partnership with the United States. 

On the agenda of the talks between President Andrzej Duda and President Trump, there were first and foremost issues related to the international situation, and the security of Poland and of our region, as well as the directions of further strengthening of the North Atlantic Alliance. 

The issues related to Polish-American economic cooperation, including trade, investment, energy and innovation were also discussed.

The programme of the visit also included a public presentation by the US president in Warsaw.

Polish-American cooperation has been a significant component of the transatlantic security system for almost two decades. 

Currently, with the active participation of the US, among others in the form of a broad presence of American forces in Poland (and in the region), we are building the North Atlantic Alliance’s defensive capabilities on its eastern flank.

Poland is invariably an advocate of US engagement in Europe and close transatlantic links, a pillar of security and sustainable development in Europe. 

President Trump’s visit to Warsaw was a strong signal of the unity of the transatlantic community and the durability of the allied guarantees.

The participation of President Trump in the transatlantic session of the Three Seas Summit was, on the other hand, an opportunity to discuss the possibility of extending the cooperation of the states of the region with the US in terms of security and economic development, among others, by implementing joint infrastructure projects on the North-South axis of Europe. 

The Three Seas Initiative is a platform for co-presidents of 12 states between the Adriatic, the Baltic and the Black Sea. 

Its core idea is to strengthen European unity, inter alia, through infrastructure coherence and the levelling of developmental differences.

The summit and the participation of President Trump as a special guest do not change our priority perception of EU membership, which is our main and unquestioned reference point. 

Our summit was intended to highlight priority areas for cooperation, reaffirm openness to business partners’ initiatives, and fully align the priorities and cooperation principles of the Three Seas countries with the EU policies and activities.



The writer is Poland’s ambassador to Jordan. He contributed this article to The Jordan Times.

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