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Amman’s path to become a smart city

Mar 07,2023 - Last updated at Mar 07,2023

In an area of 7,579 square kilometres, 6 million people, about 40 per cent of the population of Jordan, live in Amman, the country’s capital. The steady increase of population is a result of difficult economic and political circumstances that occurred in neighbouring countries, increasing the pressure on Jordan’s infrastructure, particularly in Amman.

Transportation is among the most pressing issues facing the capital.

Thus the need to find a solution to the daily congestion, mainly caused by the individuals’ preference to use their own vehicles, especially that many households possess more than one vehicle, created the idea of the Bus Rapid Transit system that allocates a special lane for the busway connecting different hubs of Amman.

Living in the era of artificial intelligence, it became a necessity for any city’s development to incorporate its use, especially a city with an independent system of traffic lights, e-controls and cameras. 

The mentality of some Jordanians that cameras are only for monitoring traffic violations has to be changed. It should be clarified that they are also for monitoring traffic lights, reducing traffic congestion, raising the level of traffic safety and achieving smooth traffic flow.

Clean energy is also a basic pillar in the infrastructure system. The use of energy-saving lights and/or solar energy lights is familiar in neighbourhoods and on main roads.

Today, Amman faces major challenges, pushing us to plan for the upcoming 10 years on how to overcome them.

People-oriented plans, which would narrow the misconceptions between citizens and officials, in addition to the spreading of information about service projects, are key factors in positively changing the popular perspective about the aspired future of Amman. 

A well-organised comprehensive transport sector, covering a large area of the capital, will result in Amman becoming a true smart city, ranking high on global indexes and meeting international standards.

Making that happen will open doors for new investments, increasing investor confidence and creating a business environment coupled with excellent governance.


The writer is Amman City Council member and head of the Public Safety and Traffic Committee

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