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Of Sheep and shepherds, in the age of Trump

Aug 13,2018 - Last updated at Aug 13,2018

The erratic and unusual behaviour of President Donald Trump, and his explosion onto the world scene brings to mind a book I wrote many years ago called Sheepland. In that book I wrote:  ‘Like sheep, most human beings wherever their pastures, are entrapped by socioeconomic and political forces they do not understand, fathom, nor have control over. A statement that supports the assertion made by Jean Jacques Rousseau that: “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains… .” Later I added, “Mostly, the tethers that keep man or sheep in their situation are unseen.”

Life for the average sheep is basically the same in all pastures, though the more clever shepherds in the Western and Northern pastures have devised ingenious governing systems, giving their ordinary sheep the impression that they actually have rights and that they can elect their rams to legislative and even executive positions. The drums and flutes of these shepherds, aided by their ever present central sniffing agencies, have actually convinced most sheep that they are truly free and equal, notwithstanding the fact that only the top one per cent of rams in their flock control 99 per cent of the wealth and food of their pasture.

The shepherd, however he structures the machinery of his control, is omnipotent and goes to great lengths to keep his flock in a state of anxiety, uncertainty and fear. Aided by his propaganda machine; his flutes, pipes and drums, and supported by his ever vigilant dogs, whose duty is, supposedly, to protect his flock’s pasture from other encroaching shepherds and their dogs, the shepherd is well aware of how to manipulate the affairs of his flock, convincing them that he has their best interests at heart and that this strict control is for their own good.

The shepherd-in-chief of the most important and powerful flock in Amerisheepia is quite adept at controlling his sheep, making them believe their powerful kennel with its central sniffing agency can do practically anything, anytime and anywhere without regard for what other shepherds, even in neighbouring Western pastures and their flocks may feel or think about it. His constant trumpeting of fake news and false information has encouraged most of his sheep to hate all other sheep, particularly those of other colours, promising to: “Make his pastures white again”. The faint bleats of protestation from some of his flock, including  even some rams, have not been able to change his course, which seems to have convinced other Western shepherds to follow in his path of hatred of all non-white sheep everywhere.

In many pastures in Eurosheepia, the breakdown of the façade of sheepocracy and sheepishness has been brutal; often witnessing the expulsion of refusheep of colour, even allowing them to drown in the sea. This right-shank, neo-Nazisheepism and Fascisheepism trend has been camouflaged by the acronym, “sheepulism”. In a way, many of the goats of the developing pastures, non-white in colour, while condemning this unsheeply, unsheepish behaviour are not so unhappy about it, since it shows the true, often brutal behaviour of the shepherds of the North and other Western pastures: This is especially true in the case of one Zioflock who claim to be “chosen”, who, though geographically planted in a Southern pasture, Palisheepia, having forcefully and brutally removed the existing flock and still keep most of those who did not escape in pens, heavily guarded by vicious dogs,  in their very own pasture.  Their false claim to be part of the Northern pastures is even strongly supported and defended by the shepherds of Western and Euro pastures. This geographic Orwellian double think, which has been rejected by all non-white sheep of the grand pasture, has been accepted by most shepherds of the Western pastures, especially among the Zio-evangelisheep of Amerisheepia.  Their Zio-shepherd-in- chief, ignoring all historical logic and interpastural law, and the hue and cry and bleating of sheep, rams and even shepherds of far flung pastures, recently proclaimed the Holy Capital of Palisheepia  as the capital of Zio-Israelosheepia.

The style of this new Zio-shepherd-in-chief of Amerisheepia, coupled with his extreme hubris have thrown not only the sheep but the shepherds, rams and even goats of all the Western pastures into utter confusion and chaos; no longer certain of what to believe or where they belong.

….and thus  continues, for the foreseeable future, the procession of the flocks.

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