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Corona crisis shocked the world and revealed surprises

Apr 04,2020 - Last updated at Apr 04,2020

Coronavirus did not begin in different countries of the world simultaneously. It began in China and continued there before other countries for a long period that spanned months. That period was sufficient for other world countries to be alert and take precautions.

Unfortunately, the developed countries did not generally pick up this signal and alarm. Taking precautionary and preventive measures were started only after cases of coronavirus infection appeared in these countries.

If countries had taken strict precautionary measures from the beginning and at the right time, the epidemic would not have spread outside China. The cost of that measure at that time is not at all compared to the huge costs these countries now bear. Above all this is the loss of people, the economy deteriorated and life activities stopped in general. The citizen's confidence and trust in the governments of these countries is in constant erosion and severe decline.

Corona crisis revealed that there is no more dangerous for the various countries of the world, without the exception of the developed and developing ones, than the biological weapon which the arsenal of weapons and capabilities could not address. This matter has transformed the mentalities “mindset” of the super-powered countries towards the various challenges and issues.

Corona crisis revealed the weakness of the real capabilities of many developed countries to confront the epidemics and their lack of the simplest requirements and tools, unlike the aura drawn to the magnitude of their capabilities and capacities.

It also revealed the true absence of crisis management in developed countries, with regard to disasters and epidemics.

There is no doubt that the crisis has transformed the style and manner of thinking of scientists and researchers, as well as shocked leaders and senior officials in various countries of the developed world.

Dealing with the corona crisis constituted tremendous opportunities to learn from mistakes and poor readiness in various countries of the world.

In Jordan, despite the scarcity of resources and the limited capabilities, however, dealing with the corona crisis was a unique experience and a success story which people from over the world referred to as it met their admiration and praise. It deserves to be taught in the most prestigious universities.

Corona crisis drew the attention of the government administration to several priority matters that deserve all care and attention. It accelerated the interest in digital transformation, e-learning and electronic services, in addition to the need to take full advantage of the databases and the capabilities of various institutions.

This is in addition to supporting the pharmaceutical industry and medical and health supplies, supporting the therapeutic services sector, and unifying plans in the various sectors, especially the health sector, with one plan at the national level to include its various institutions from the public and private sectors and universities.

The crisis highlighted the necessity of supporting the various manufacturing and service sectors, including agriculture, to restore their strength and growth, and thus their contribution to gross domestic product GDP.

It also indicates the necessity of establishing a permanent fund with a bank account. I suggest to allocate JD100 million annually in the general budget and transfer this amount from the treasury to this account once the general budget law is approved at the beginning of the year, in addition to attracting grants and donations in anticipation of any emergency or crisis, God forbid. I suggest investing this fund money in profitable sectors with assurance the easy of liquidation of its assets when needed.

It is necessary to focus on the necessity of achieving self-sufficiency of the basic commodities of the citizen and for the various times In anticipation of any emergency that may isolate the country for any reason from the outside world, God forbid.

The biggest lesson we learn from dealing with the corona crisis is to devote and enhance efforts to develop the national product, which includes all sectors and fields, especially when the challenges relate to the nation as a whole. Thus, when planning, we start from the national product, and we move from it to the contributions of all sectors and ensuring coordination among them so that performance and outcomes are complete, integrated and homogeneous.

As a result, after the end of the current crisis, a different management approach must be formulated to manage public affairs and bring about a shift in public behaviour and performance.

More importantly, the current wonderful harmony between institutions, this morale and a great sense of responsibility everyone shows to continue the development of this beautiful country.

Experience has proven that it is not impossible with the will that makes and achieves what great countries were unable to do, despite their minds and capabilities.

In conclusion, the world and the balance of forces, influence, relationships, dealings, patterns of thinking, planning, actions and everything after the corona crisis will differ a lot from before it.

Power does not rely on the same approaches and tools. A stage will begin that differs in its features and details from the previous. It is not in any way a continuation of what has passed or was.

Leadership will be for those who shape the elements and features of power in the future and lead the world in that direction.

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