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To unleash our economy... No other options

Apr 16,2020 - Last updated at Apr 16,2020

Nowadays, the most important question is how long will the economy remain restricted or inactive? Another question is when will the sources of livelihood for small businesses and for workers on the basis of daily wages return?

I recalled that I had taught my graduate and postgraduate students the quality concepts and principles during the period (2002-2005). One of these quality principles is “factual approach to decision making”.

Taking into consideration that the financial position of the country is facing tremendous challenges and difficulties. The interests and installments of the outstanding loans should be paid on due dates. Public expenditures are dramatically increasing, whereas the domestic revenues are expected to drop sharply.

I strongly think that it is not easy at all in any how to fulfill the country current and potential financial obligations. Not only this, but also how to financially support the various productive sectors, small and medium enterprises, workers on daily-wages basis and so on.

Our country has huge financial obligations this year, and it is necessary and urgent to seek fund sources covering these financial obligations. Borrowing may not be available or possible. Even if it is available, and I do not expect, it will be at enormous cost.

Thinking deeply in a very practical way reinforces the fact that there is no other options but to stimulate economic sectors, which leads to an increase in domestic revenues.

We succeeded with no doubt in the security and health aspect and the disciplined national preventive behaviour. We should also success in managing the economy, pushing the wheel of production, and spreading life in all joints and aspects of the economy.

Nobody is keener on human health than himself or herself. The Jordanian citizen is fully aware of the seriousness of the disease and has shown responsible and civilised behaviour that we rely heavily on in the upcoming stages.

I suggest to accept the challenge by unleashing the economy as soon as possible in a very thoughtful and organised manner. Government should dedicate its efforts to support and care for economy, take all preventive health measures, and follow up on the full commitment of all to them.

I suggest to turn from the role of protection to the role of prevention. Yes, transforming from protection to prevention. We should aim to success in combining the two goals: an economy that works with all its capacity and standard safety conditions applied and fully committed to. In our commitment to safety requirements, let us imagine that we are like people working in a nuclear reactor, laboratory, or operating room or as the Crisis Cell operates.

Let the slogan for the next stage be an economy that works at maximum capacity and within a culture of work that is very sensitive for health safety requirements.

Let everything take place, as usual, in a new safety and health culture. We should count on the awareness of everyone and until destroying the cCoronavirus completely, I suggest to deal with the existing situation as a test for us on how we work and produce despite the gravity and severity of the conditions.

To implement what I suggest, the usual work arrangements should be adjusted in terms of layout, processes, timing and number of works and others to fit the safety and health precaution requirements.

To turn our perception of the crisis into an external economic and marketing opportunity during which we build trust and expand our products markets in its positive sense, not by exploiting the misfortunes of others.

We should unleash economy, we have no other real workable options and to work as usual with full compliance with the requirements of safety and health as nothing precedes life.

I introduce this suggestion to government to review it or at least seriously think about it. Always remember that changing the way of thinking is a genuine part of any valuable feasible solutions.

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