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We all work against coronavirus

Mar 19,2020 - Last updated at Mar 19,2020

I hope, as every Jordanian does, that the whole country will be cleansed of this dangerous epidemic very soon.
We rely a lot on achieving this, on the cooperation of all, in full compliance with the preventive instructions and precautionary measures issued by concerned institutions.
Knowing that the undertaken official measures have been appreciated by everyone. The citizens are very supportive in this regard. Harmonious, purposeful and productive national efforts par excellence.
In the same context, I would like to refer to two notes:
First: We heard from specialised doctors that some people may be carriers of the coronavirus without getting sick or even the appearance of symptoms on them.
If this statement is true, it means that the person who carries the virus remains a carrier of it for others.
Preventively, we must be aware of this matter. This is in addition to taking precautionary measures by specialists.
The question before the specialists is "How long does an uninfected person carry off this virus?" This is more prevalent than the virus a person carries, infects, detects and is subject to treatment.
Second: After the cleansed and purification process is completed, precautionary measures must be continued at all country borders, including compulsory quarantine for all arrivals as long as the virus is present in any country in the world, or at least in any of the countries where the arrivals to Jordan were during the last period and that duration should be determined by specialists.
Of course, all of this does not substitute for preventive measures at the level of each person as long as the epidemic exists. The need for this is increasing because there is no treatment and vaccination for this virus yet.
We all work against coronavirus for the benefit of our beloved Jordan and ourselves.

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