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COVID-19 dynamic

May 31,2020 - Last updated at May 31,2020

Despite facing deep economic distress for several years, Jordan has been able to adopt and adhere to drastic mitigation measures to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic, through strict lockdowns, quarantine measures and curfews.

As the country gradually begins to ease its restrictions by opening up certain sectors of its economy, Jordan's economy is bracing itself for even greater challenges, especially with respect to maintaining social distancing directives.

Economic activity is expected to be much slower than usual, as the planned easing of restrictions are anticipated to be gradual, further exacerbating the Kingdom's economic woes, and further impeding Jordan's path toward economic recovery. Economic progress may be in fact unattainable without the intervention and support of Jordan's friends and allies.

It is noteworthy that the Jordanian government and its institutions, along with public and private media, have dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic with exceptional honesty, transparency and professional integrity. As a result, the majority of the country's citizens have demonstrated a high degree of awareness, largely supporting and complying with the drastic precautionary measures adopted by the government and its institutions.

While in some countries where the public and private media, in order to justify the shortcomings of their governments by not adopting precautionary measures to address the pandemic, have peddled false claims and conspiracy theories revolving around false assertions that the COVID-19 pandemic is an exaggeration to benefit certain economic powers, or to force vaccinations around the world for the benefit of big pharmaceutical companies, in contrast, both the public and private media in Jordan have performed remarkably well by objectively and truthfully presenting the facts, and by cautiously avoiding embellishments and justifications for any shortcomings.

Despite facing dire economic challenges, the Kingdom of Jordan has neither exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to serve any political agendas, nor has it attempted to use it as a justification to raise taxes on the Jordanian people.

Despite the economic challenges, and social distancing measures in COVID-19 era, democratisation continues, as Jordan is poised to hold parliamentary elections in the near future, possibly even online. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kingdom of Jordan has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to faithfully executing it's duties towards its citizens, and for this, Jordan's friends and allies must take note, and must not abandon their support for its exemplary stances.


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