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Strengthening tech partnerships: Saudi Arabia and Jordan collaborate for ICT excellence

Sep 02,2023 - Last updated at Sep 02,2023

In an age where technology knows no borders, collaborations between nations assume greater significance”. The continuous partnership between Saudi Arabia and Jordan in the field of Information and Communication Technology is an inspiration of innovation, economic growth and mutual development.  Complementing each other in this domain brings together the strengths of two distinct nations, creating a synergy that promises to shape a brighter future for both countries and the entire region. 

Covering over 2 million square kilometres and housing a population of 36 million, Saudi Arabia is a global economic powerhouse. Its GDP of over $1 trillion underscores its financial clout. In contrast, Jordan, with an area of 89,342 square kilometres and a population of 10.5 million, boasts an annual GDP of $47.5 billion. However, the focus here isn't just on numbers – it's about leveraging each country's unique attributes to foster collaboration. 

Saudi Arabia's economic power is not its only strength, it also has a robust ICT sector. With a high GDP per capita, technology is integral to the country's ambitious Vision 2030 plan, which charts a course for its growth. This commitment is evident in Saudi Arabia's claim to the largest ICT market in the Middle East and North Africa, valued at over $32.1 billion. This sector's vibrancy sets the stage for far-reaching advancements across various industries. On the other hand, Jordan possesses an ecosystem that nurtures innovation. Access to over 160 countries through Free Trade Agreements and bilateral agreements positions Jordan as a gateway to the world. 

The rapid expansion of Jordan's ICT sector, coupled with incentives like favourable tax rates and subsidised salaries, makes it a hotbed for investors seeking a nurturing environment. The strength of this partnership lies in its potential for cooperation. By participating in relevant events within each other's borders, Saudi Arabia and Jordan are paving the way for shared learning, innovation and prosperity. 

Co-organising events would also lead to a positive impact for both countries. The outcomes of this partnership are not confined to Saudi Arabia and Jordan alone. As both nations invest in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, they create a ripple effect throughout the region. The positive impact goes beyond economic growth, as it fosters greater understanding, cross-cultural collaboration and technological advancements that benefit the entire region. This collaboration aligns with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and Jordan's Economic Modernisation Vision, both of which focus on sustainable development and innovation. 

By pooling their resources and expertise, these nations are forging a path towards a brighter and more technologically advanced future. As Saudi Arabia and Jordan walk hand in hand towards their shared vision, they underscore the power of collaboration. Their journey highlights the positive impact of participating in each other's events, co-organising initiatives and events, and aligning their technological goals. 

Through unity and innovation, these two nations are not only securing their own futures but contributing to the advancement of the entire Arab world and beyond.

The writer is the Chief Executive Officer of the ICT Association of Jordan – int@j


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