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Adli Kandah
By Adli Kandah - Mar 20,2023
In this article, we will analyse the expected effects of postponing loan installments on the various parties involved if most borrowers choose to postpone a large number of their loan installments until the end of the loan period.
By Adli Kandah - Mar 13,2023
Central banks utilise a variety of tools to manage inflation and uphold economic stability. These tools include adjusting interest rates, enforcing mandatory cash reserve requirements and conducting open market operations.
By Adli Kandah - Mar 05,2023
The direction of economic thought in political partisan work is influenced by a variety of factors, including ideological beliefs, economic interests, historical context and political incentives.
By Adli Kandah - Feb 28,2023
A few weeks ago, the government successfully presented an executive programme aimed at modernising the Jordanian economy. This programme focuses on improving the competitiveness of the economy, promoting growth and creating job opportunities.
By Adli Kandah - Feb 19,2023
The financial statement is a crucial source of information about the financial status of all banks in the Kingdom, including their assets, liabilities and equity on a consolidated basis.
By Adli Kandah - Feb 12,2023
The Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF) focuses on balancing four key investment objectives: Safety, protection, low risk, and good returns. This strategy is aimed at ensuring the long-term stability of the social security programme.
By Adli Kandah - Feb 05,2023
Jordan has a chance to boost its economic complexity. According to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI), Jordan ranks 59th out of 131 countries. However, in the past decade, Jordan's economy has become less complex, falling 12 spots in the ECI ranking.
By Adli Kandah - Jan 28,2023
Data indicates a 7.5 per cent growth in credit facilities provided to the private sector during the first eleven months of 2022 compared to a growth rate of 4.8 per cent for the same period the previous year, 4.9 per cent for the whole of 2021, 6 per cent for 2020 and 4.5 per cen
By Adli Kandah - Jun 23,2022
After the US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised the Fed funds rate by seventy-five basis points, the upward trend of interest rates in global markets was confirmed, at a time when there is a discrepancy in the performance of economic indicators in various countries;  Some of them
By Adli Kandah - May 18,2022
The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) raised interest rates on all of its monetary tools in response to developments in the regional and international markets, and in line with the decision of the US Federal Reserve and the rest of the regional and global central banks that raised the



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