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Amer Al Sabaileh
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Apr 14,2024
The pressure on Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu from the Biden administration might lead the Israelis to adopt a more flexible approach in Gaza, especially on the humanitarian front.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Apr 08,2024
The security dynamics of the region are undergoing a profound transformation, with the spectre of an open conflict between Iran and Israel looming large.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Apr 01,2024
 Recently, there has been a surge in calls to mobilise the Jordanian populace. These calls aim to garner support for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Mar 17,2024
Amid escalating tensions in the Gaza Strip, diplomatic efforts are underway to prevent a potential invasion of Rafah by Israel.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Mar 10,2024
There is no doubt that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is putting more pressure on the international community to find solutions. The recent air-drops of aid will inevitably raise the need for more practical solutions to address this dire situation.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Mar 03,2024
The persistence of the conflict, the failure of nation-states, the lack of enlightenment processes within countries, and the shifting focus, primarily on security, have contributed to deep psychological divisions among the region's populations.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Feb 25,2024
The European Union has officially launched its mission to protect maritime traffic in the Red Sea, which has been disrupted by Houthi rebel attacks, posing a threat to global commerce and navigation.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Feb 18,2024
The ongoing conflict in Gaza appears to be entering its final stages, particularly with the focus now centred on Rafah.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Feb 11,2024
The Middle East finds itself at a critical juncture, marked by escalating tensions and shifting dynamics that have profound implications on regional stability.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Feb 04,2024
The recent targeting of American forces has thrust the conflict in the region into a new dynamic, compelling Washington to formulate a unique response.



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