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Antara Haldar
By Antara Haldar - Dec 27,2022
CAMBRIDGE — In the early 2000s, there was a near-unanimous consensus among academic lawyers that the absence of the rule of law was strictly a “Third World problem” — meaning one that the advanced economies of the Global North had solved.
By Antara Haldar - Dec 05,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  In April 2022, the world’s richest person, Elon Musk, asked, “Is Twitter dying?” Five days later, he launched an apparently whimsical bid to buy the social-media platform.
By Antara Haldar - Oct 27,2022
CAMBRIDGE — Following the brutal market backlash against her plans for unfunded tax cuts and tens of billions of pounds in additional spending, Liz Truss resigned as British prime minister, succeeded by her Tory rival, Rishi Sunak.
By Antara Haldar - Sep 28,2022
HANOI  —  With Britain suffering through its worst cost-of-living crisis in decades, owing to high inflation and soaring energy prices, hundreds of workers at an Amazon warehouse in Coventry this month demanded a wage hike.
By Antara Haldar - Aug 03,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  On a celebratory night in late 2016, the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower were lit up in green to remind the world to implement the Paris climate agreement.
By Antara Haldar - Jul 28,2022
 Project Syndicate (PS): In February, you suggested that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s attendance at parties at 10 Downing Street during pandemic lockdowns could seal his political fate.
By Antara Haldar - Jun 30,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  A new show currently airing gives fresh meaning to the term reality TV. Call it American Democracy: Clear and Present Danger.
By Antara Haldar - Apr 19,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation as a justice of the US Supreme Court has been hailed as a breakthrough for Black Americans and other minority communities, for women and mothers, for public defenders, and even for those who went to public school.
By Antara Haldar - Mar 22,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  In an October 2013 address at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Law lecture theater, I showed students a “class photo” of the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court and challenged them to “spot the difference.” It wasn’t a case for Sherlock Holmes: Of the 11
By Antara Haldar - Feb 19,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the enfant terrible of British politics, is currently embroiled in a very British scandal.



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