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Ayoub Abu Dayyeh
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Oct 02,2023
Environmental sustainability is a concept that has gained significant attention and importance in recent decades.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Sep 23,2023
Afforestation refers to the establishment of forests in areas where there existed no forests previously or where the forest cover has been absent for a long time.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Sep 19,2023
World population has experienced exponential growth in recent history, presenting both opportunities and challenges for sustainability.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Sep 15,2023
Aside the scale of environmental hazards plastics cause in nature, the plastics industry contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Sep 06,2023
Plastics have become an integral part of our modern life, but their journey from a novelty to environmental crisis requires urgent plans. The history of plastics dates back to the early 20th century.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Aug 30,2023
 The International Energy Agency defines a net zero scenario to fight global warming and climate change as a pathway that aims to balance the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs).
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Aug 20,2023
In the global struggle against climate change, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) play a crucial role in advocating for urgent measures to mitigate its impact on the biodiversity of our planet, as an example set forward for other local institutions and government myriad sector
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Aug 15,2023
 ‘Small is Beautiful’ is a phrase that originates from the title of a book by British economist E.F. Schumacher, published in 1973. The exact complete title of his book is "Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered".
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Aug 06,2023
A lot of interest in retrofitting schools and other public buildings in Jordan has been ongoing in the past years, and this has ignited a debate over the priority of retrofitting items within the economic management of many local and foreign institutions, particularly due to limi
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Jul 29,2023
In this article we will discuss the benefits, challenges and policies required to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy as experienced in some South American countries that successfully reached almost 99 per cent of renewable energy for electricity production, such as Costa



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