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Christopher Granville
By Christopher Granville - Jul 02,2016
World leaders’ reactions to the Brexit shock included one that shouldn’t be ignored — and from an unexpected source: Russian President Vladimir Putin.Rather than exulting in the latest body blow to the European Union, Putin castigated Britain’s leaders for “arrogance and a superf
By Christopher Granville - Jan 14,2015
The leaders of Russia and Ukraine will meet in Astana, Kazakstan, on January 15 to discuss, once again, an end to the fighting that has roiled eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region since last spring. Hopes for a viable agreement are not high. One reason the crisis in Ukraine ha
By Christopher Granville - Aug 11,2014
Though no one imagines that a lasting ceasefire in Gaza will, in itself, produce a substantive breakthrough in the Israel-Palestine conflict, the United States and other concerned governments continue to work tirelessly to halt the fighting. Yet, when it comes to the escalating


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